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Dirty Signs – Cum Dumpster

Hey everyone! Dirty Signs with Kristin, I have
a fabulous new phrase for you tonight. We’re
gonna learn how to say “cum dumpster!” Isn’t that fabulous?! Alright, let’s get started. My approximation of this phrase in sign
language is actually going to be “semen trash can.” Uh, it’s as close as I know, so
let’s get started! Um, “semen” is actually kind of complicated. You’re gonna do this. So one hand pulls out from
the chest, and points to the other wrist
and then it spreads out. Um, and then trash can is also kind of
complicated, too. You’re gonna pull out from underneath
your chin, and then a C comes down on your
other hand’s open palm. So we’re gonna put it together now and say
[WHITE – EJACULATE – METAL – CAN] Hooray! [CLAPPING] Have a great night, folks!

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