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“DINOSAUR” *updated* -Baby Sign Language- ASL (Portland Oregon)

Hello! I want to teach you how to sign “DINOSAUR.” I’ve actually recorded a video of myself signing
dinosaur before but just like some dinosaurs have evolved into new species, and some have
died out, the same thing happens with sign language. Often times I will learn a sign a certain
way and in a few years it’s really not being done that way anymore. I used to teach the sign for dinosaur with
a “D” hand. I did two variations: either like this showing
the humps and the tail on the dinosaur or like this-a dinosaur walking by. Because this is a “D” for dinosaur, this is
considered Signed English which is kind of like slang ASL. Now it’s more commonly done with just a flat
hand like this. You can also show the ground like this. You can show the dinosaur walking along. While the other versions are still correct,
I always try to bring you the most up to date signing in the deaf community so that you
are being as accurate as possible with your ASL. Woops! See I almost did it. DINOSAUR. Thank you for watching and to learn more sign
language, please check out my webcast or my local classes. You can get it at the link below. Thank you! Ok, ready? Just like a dinosaur walking along.

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