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Different language levels shows future of te reo Māori bright

Speaking of marching, reporter Hania Douglas
was amongst it in Wellington to find out where people
are on their reo Maori journeys. And though there’s the age
and proficiency range, she found that old young,
fluent or beginner, the future of the language
is looking bright. Marching to the beat
of te reo Maori. Over 20,000 people were out
in the Wellington CBD today, some who have been on the
reo Maori journey all their lives. I was raised with the language,
I’m from Ruatoki. And others who have
just joined the cause. One and all, I greet you, for what is the most important thing
in the world? It is the language. I’m from Africa,
and my name is Guled Mire. I praise god,
and I praise the people of the land. But while the youth
seemed to be leading the charge, the older generation said that
it’s something of a dream come true to see how keen people
are for the language. I know they’re hungry
for our language. Even though a lot are from overseas,
they want it. They know we’ve got it. You could call it
future proofing the language. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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