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Difference Between Sure and Tell in ASL

Hi guys! Laura here. So today I’m
answering viewer questions and I was asked what the difference is between ‘tell’
and ‘sure’. So I know a lot of people do get confused about certain signs that
look the same or look very similar. If you’re ever confused about any words
please email them to me and I will try and show you the difference and we’ll
talk about the difference. Sometimes there’s really no difference it’s just
the context of the sentence that you use it in. But for ‘tell’ and ‘sure’ there’s a bit
of a difference. So, ‘tell’ I’ve seen done like this. So just kind of underneath
your chin and moving out ‘tell’ and I’ve seen ‘tell’ like that, like you just
tapping your chin ‘tell’. And ‘sure’ is you take your finger in front of your mouth
so not below this way but up like this and forward ‘sure’ ‘sure’ like that ‘sure’
‘tell’ or ‘tell’. So I can see how that could potentially be confusing because they’re
all kind of around here using your index finger. But yes, that was a really
great question because I’m sure that other people were confused about the
same words as well. So, one more time. This index finger under your chin moving
out ‘tell’. Or touching your chin like this
‘tell’. And ‘sure’ same index finger except you turn it sideways instead of like
this so ‘sure’ and in front of your mouth moving out ‘sure’. So I hope that cleared
up the difference between those two words. If you have questions don’t
hesitate to leave them in the comment section I will get to them. And if I
haven’t gotten to your question in a while please don’t hesitate to leave it
again just to remind me because sometimes I do miss them. And as always
guys thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified
when I do post videos. And click that bell because that’s how you get that
notification that the videos have gone live Thanks for watching everyone!
Bye for now.

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