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Diego Maradona gives middle finger gesture live on TV

Former World Cup winner Diego Maradona gave
the Argentine FA President a very visual response when he suggested the star was bad luck for
his country’s team. Maradona gave Julio Grondona the middle finger
live on television, after he accused him of jinxing the team. Maradona left early during Argentina’s Group
F clash against Iran on Saturday, meaning he wasn’t in the crowd to see Messi’s impressive
goal in the final minutes, sending the team through to the next round. Maradona said on the programme it was Messi’s
own effort that secured the goal, not because he’d exited the stadium, following it up
with “Jinx this” and holding up his middle finger. 82-year-old Grondona has been head of the
Argentina FA since 1979 and was in charge when Maradona helped steer Argentina to World
Cup victory in 1986.

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