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Diccionario audiovisual de culinario para todos del chef suerte parte 11 (canal de cocina facil)

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chef’s kitchen luck in this video we will try three new terms
First seasoned flavor a adding a sauce food
condiments or other substances to set of ingredients that
season salads or other meals dressing called second term to
Dovat put on or take marinated meats or other foods for seasoning and
keep sauces or broths applies to flavor other dishes or
elaborations also used this It ended when a wine is improved
adding other substances third adobo term is a sauce or salad dressing
broth serves to flavor or conserve birds and other fish meat
foodstuffs consists of oil some herbs vinegar garlic salt
Examples of aromatic and condiments Marinades are escabeche marinade
between bears I will discuss three types basic marinade for pork
minced garlic salt pepper oregano oil and herbs for fish
simply vinegar is added next or above for pickled
oil saute some garlic onion laurel and thyme add white wine
vinegar and salt good and that’s all for today I hope
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