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Designing ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ Exclusive Shirt for theCHIVE

We were approached by Netflix to create a t-shirt to promote ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ which is a movie about Doug Kenney
and the creation of National Lampoon Magazine. “I don’t think there’s any bullets in there.” “Patches!” They put out these hilariously shocking covers that helped make them a comedy icon. We tried a lot of designs based on their covers. Starting with cheerleader butts… We did a lot of research. A lot of butts. I did my research. We designed several versions of a
‘Bill Murray Jerking Off’ shirt… “Is it clear he’s jerkin’ his dick off here?” And I think having Bill Murray jerking off doesn’t work. We finally landed on: the dog
holding the gun to Will Forte’s head. We tried different faces for the dog. Silly Angry Devil Maybe he had diarrhea… But we’re really satisfied with
what we came up with and are excited to share this exclusive design.

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