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How To Learn Sign Language

Describing Words – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

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  • hey Jessica nicely done know all the sign half we don't use up here an half we do…. very clear signs great education video,,,, very enjoyable……..>

  • Wow! I could use some of these signs to describe this video (only the good ones, of course :P) – thank you!

  • Thank you so much for uploading this. I'm trying to learn some useful words or phrases in BSL in a short amount of time, as I seem to get Laryngitis every time I catch a cold, and can't even get a whisper out, which is a big occupational hazard as I'm a teacher and singer, so I get frustrated when I can't use my voice, but tomorrow I'm meeting some friends and I think that one of them already knows some BSL, so I'm going to try to remember some of these and see if I can communicate with some of my friends tomorrow, as my friend who I met today couldn't understand what I was trying to say by lip reading, and took me a log time to type everything out on my mobile phone to show my friend (^_^;) So I didn't say much today, and I'm usually very chatty. LOL

  • Omg I could spend time to learn these, because I already "speak with my hands" so I could speak sign language while speaking🤔 sorry bad English xd

  • Interesting! I have been learning signing here in Canada off and on for a while – and plan to buckle down on it now, thanks to you reigniting my interest (I'm not deaf, just fascinated, and it's so exciting to be able to communicate with people) – and I'm noticing quite a difference between British and American (which Canada has adopted). I'm thinking I'm going to start mixing the two up… uh-oh! 😀

  • I love learning sign language. I’m learning BSL though these videos but as I’m from North America it would be useful for me to know ASL as well. Does anyone know of any YouTube channels that teach ASL?

  • YES! Thank you A LOT for this playlist! I was wondering whether you had created one and I just found out you did 🙂 I want to learn BSL for future jobs opportunities, it's so fascinating and with you now it's fun too!

  • This is probably a silly question, but does it matter which hand you use? I'm left handed, so it felt more comfortable/natural to mirror what you were doing, but I was afraid that would change the meaning. I wouldn't want to accidentally offend someone or otherwise make a complete a** of myself.

  • Thank you for doing these videos, I work in a coffee shop with 5 deaf people come in and it's nice to be able to talk to them instead of trying to guess or asking them to write on a piece of paper. It makes me happy that I can speak and have a conversation with them and it also makes them happy aswell. I am literally loving learning so thank you 🙂

  • I think it's amazing that the sign for "nice" is looking like the gesture of threatening to kill somebody which is commonly used by non deaf or mute people. So many possibilities to confuse people 🙂

  • for the signs that you do with one hand, do they specifically need to be done on the right hand? or is it just dependant on what hand you use most

  • Please keep making these videos! Very useful for me personally, though I do have to watch them through a few times to pick it all up. I'm also a teacher and I've used what I've learnt in your tutorials to teach my students 🙂

  • Love all of your videos. Thank you so much for giving us an insight into this beautiful language and taking the time to do so. We really appreciate it. Would it be possible please to have a video about linking words and phrases together? Such as because, I think, this, that, the other, why, I think I know, I understand, I don't think etc. Also, what is the sign phrase for journalist, editor, magazine, vet and veterinary nurse? Thanks so much xxxx

  • Wait so is sign language where thumbs up and 👌 come from, or was it the other way around? That's awesome, and I really love the more-most progressions, it makes so much sense and is so easy to understand (bringing out the language nerd in me for sure XD haven't been this excited since learning hangeul ^^)

  • I started to learn sign language today, i met a girl in fb, in july we will meet first time, i realy want to learn at least basics for her😍🙏thank you soo much dear for this amazing video

  • I saw the sign for 'show' and was like "that doesn't look right… let me look it up in the bsl dictionary". Cue the realisation that I've been watching WAAAAY to many ASL videos and everything's muddled now.

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