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Describing an Object – Video Assignment | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello. I want you to pick one object. Show the object in the video in your hand. So that I can see it. After you put the object down, describe it in ASL. Remember to look at the other video I made for the order of description. You start the object description with telling the name of it. What is it? Then secondly, tell what material it is made of. Third, tell its shape using classifiers. Like for example, CL:CC for “vase”. CL:BB for “box”. CL:CC->SS for “cone”. You know, there are different classifiers. Fourth, what color is it? Describe its surface and details. The more details you can describe, the more points you will earn. If you give a simple description with little or no detail, then you will get less points. So I suggest you to describe as much as you can. Look at the other videos where I described objects as examples. After you watch these, you will have a better picture of what to do when describing your object.

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