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Deputy get into scuffle with suspect on highway (ASL – 3.19.18)

A man is facing charges after he got into
a scuffle with a Georgia deputy. The video we’re about to show you shows the
deputy trying to arrest a man during a traffic stop but he resists. The suspect and deputy began to struggle on
the side of the road. The suspect is seen pushing the deputy down,
jumping back in his car and driving away as the deputy tries to hang on to the vehicle. It was all caught on camera. According to the Sheriff’s office, after the
suspect drove away a passerby followed him until the deputy caught up. After a high-speed chase and several law enforcement
cars damaged in the process, deputies were able to force the suspect off the road and
arrest him. He faces assault and drug charges. The Sheriff’s office says a large number of
Xanax pills were found in the man’s possession.

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