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Defining Color Research

My name is Linnea Landgren. I am a
fourth year graphic communication major with a concentration in graphics for
packaging. Color is a really cool thing to learn about because we see it every
day and we experience it but understanding
the physics behind it and understanding how it can be broken down into numbers
is a whole different way of looking at it. In May of 2018, I was awarded with the
FFTA Rossini North America Research Scholarship and at the end of my
research I was given the chance to present my work at the FFTA forum as
well as have my research published in their monthly publication. My research
mainly revolves around improving the color reproduction workflow. In the
printing industry color management and color reproduction is one of the top
priorities because having consistent color in products allows us to gain
trust with consumers. If there’s any inconsistencies between two of the exact
same products sitting next to each other on the shelf where one of them looks
faded in comparison to the other one it creates this subconscious feeling in the
customers mind that something is wrong with a product on the inside. And so for
us, it’s important to maintain quality and having advancement in technology to
allow us to be more consistent every time is really valuable. If you’ve ever
tried to print out something from your computer and been surprised at why it
looks so different on paper it’s because there’s a lot more that goes into it
than most people know This was my first time doing research
for the graphic communication industry and I really enjoyed doing it because it
gave me insight into how the industry works outside of a class perspective. I
have a lot of industry contacts now that I wouldn’t have otherwise and I also
gained an appreciation for color management in a way that I wouldn’t have
if I only took classes here. I’m really interested in color now so I do see
myself potentially continuing in that direction with my career if I have that
as an option

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