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How To Learn Sign Language

Dear hearing people: What you should know about sign language ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤

What is up hearing people!? My name is Jessica Flores and today you and I are going to have a little talk. We’re gonna have a little di-scuss-ion. A little bit of a chitty-chat-chat. See where I’m going with this? Okay, let’s get started! Now I feel like a LOT of hearing people don’t know this. And I think they should know this So I’m gonna tell you guys what you should know, that you didn’t know, you didn’t know… You know? In other words, I am going to teach you guys something that most of you guys have never learned in school before. Alright class! So get out your books and turn to chapter 52, section 3, paragraph 169 Let’s get learning!! Okay class, listen up! There is more than one type of sign language… O.M.G… Did she just say more than one type of sign language? I though there was only one type of sign language… You know… the one with your hands… Yes people it’s true! There is more than one type of sign language, just like there’s more than one type of spoken language. (explosive sound) Of course!! We have ASL, we have BSL, we have LSM… The list goes on! Google it if you don’t believe me people. However, if you don’t know any sign language at all, you’re probably not going to be able to tell the difference between them. and you’re probably going to be just like everyone else who thinks sign language is done just by moving your hands around and occasionally flipping people off. Don’t be that person! DON’T YOU DARE BE THAT PERSON… So just so you guys can see the difference between them, I’m going to show you an example. (You get the point) Now I don’t know about you guys but when I first found out about this I was like, HELL YEAHH!!! Now I don’t need to learn how to say all these complicated words I can’t pronounce. And I don’t need to go to speech therapy for several years like I did for english… But that’s a story for another time. Anyways I hope you guys learned something! If you didn’t… Just…. rewind, try again I guess… Maybe google it? Google it! ♫ Gooooogglleee itt ♫ ♫ Google ITTTT ♫ But if you want to learn more about Deaf culture make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on instagram @LimeMoney Stay cool everyone! And I’ll see you all later! 🙂 Am I doing it right? (pretends to sign) DON’T YOU DARE BE THAT PERSON! NOT IN MY CLASS!!

32 Replies to “Dear hearing people: What you should know about sign language ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤”

  • Yes!! I've seen so many people commenting on BSL videos about how it's not right because "I did ASL for a week in high school and that doesn't look like ASL." …Yeah, because it's not, there's more than one sign language!
    Thank you for being hilarious as ever and spreading deaf awareness! 😄💖

  • People are constantly amazed when I tell them about all the different sign languages! They always ask me why the English speaking countries don't all have the same sign language. face palms Thank you for being so hilarious and making such entertaining content!

  • Shortly after I started learning sign language, I watched a video that I didn't know was in BSL and started having a breakdown because I couldn't understand anything. I was like "I'm never going to learn this! I don't understand anything! ahhh!!!!" 6 1/2 years later…still going strong…in ASL. 🙂

  • Even in the US there is more then one sign for the same word or concept. Depends on the region you are from. I once had a deaf lady tell me I had a southern accent in signs. That's when I lived in the Midwest and she was from the northeast. Also there is Pidgin and SEE. Sometimes one sign can mean different things depending on context and facial expression. (Did you mean letter f or number 9, are you giving me a thumbs up, trying to hitch a ride, or sign the number 10) And shall we get into classifiers that mean more then one thing. (a three turned horizontal can mean a vehicle and the context determines the kind of vehicle) Then there are directional signs that have different concepts depending on how the sign is moved in space. Then depending on how big or small you make a movement the meaning changes. Just because you make a movement with your hands doesn't make it sign language. I could be swatting at a wasp. I make lots of movements then. Love the video!

  • That's quite the number of chapters and paragraphs for the little thing in your hand! Must be reaaaaaaaally tiny font!

    I'd love to observe that class, and you ripping everyone a new one 😂

    It's fun knowing more than one sign language! It actually helps you be able to understand other sign languages better!

  • I'm a hearing person learning sign language and any time I would be occupied doing something and my dad ask me a question, I'd be like "huh?" or "what?" and he would BE THAT PERSON and just move his hands around pretending to do sign language and it makes me cringe so much. I'm just like "please don't ever do that again."

  • I'd love for you to mention about interpreters who seemed to put off getting certificates or upgrade interpreter licenses. Public schools fail to check interpreters' background. Parents know nothing. Deaf and HH children suffer more for not getting equal access to language.

  • hello! I just found your channel through this video being shared by someone on Facebook. I really love your energy! And also, this is important stuff! I work as a Norwegian sign language interperter, and often have to deal with the misconceptions many hearing people have about deaf people. The societies around the world are just really crap (excuse my …crap! haha) at teaching people about deaf people, the culture and the different languages, and I think that you are just awesome for spreading awarenes! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • ive often wondered what foreign sign language is like. i only know english. i guess it's the same for deaf people? i mean i guess a deaf person wouldn't understand a deaf person from a foreign country? the same as i don't understand a speaker from a foreign country?

  • Found you through this video being shared on Facebook, and you just gained a new subscriber. 😀 BSL and ASL fingerspelling in general are so nice to get around any speech impediments and having to go to speech therapy for years just to end up in saying words the same exact way….. BUT anyway, I was always incredibly lucky to make international friends who were Deaf and HOH (like me), so I was able to learn the basics of their sign language. BSL's alphabet is great however for when you don't know each other's sign language- it's often considered the "universal" alphabet (even though a universal alphabet doesn't really exist….) and is just really convenient. Sorry for the rambling! I love your attitude and will definitely binge watch all of your videos. 🙂

  • I love this! I am learning sign language and when people find out that I am learning this is one of the first things I tell them and it blows their mind.

  • I am quite surprised that there are many different sign languages.

    I thought that everyone uses ASL

  • I'm trying to learn some sign language (asl) and I knew about the other types! (I'm a hearing person) thanks for the vid. You're really funny 😊

  • I'm fully hearing with the option to ignore and speak BSL (or mostly SSE) as my fiancé is deaf (cochlea implant)… ^_^ currently learning ASL… haha xxx 

    Hopefully, once we're married next year sometime… we'll be taking out BSL Level 2 so we can actually get properly taught rather than using our BSL dictionaries to help us learn signs. 

    (Fiance is Level 2 Trained but doesn't have a certificate as his teacher never gave it him and due to the fact we use sign most of the time together, we can hold pretty much a full conversation without using the spoken word at all and just using 'deaf lips*' to assist… I'm not qualified at all… however was taught to a level 1 standard).

    *Deaf Lips… not the official name but is basically what I call the lip-assisted sign that helps define which sign your using… as BSL (not sure about ASL) in several cases uses 1 sign for several words like 'son' 'boy' and 'weird'…

  • Malaysian sign language is basically similar to asl (pse to be exact)… Its not that similar but it can be understood… Its a really good thing because for me, personally, its expensive to study msl in malaysia and there are a lot of free sites that i can look up on with asl rather than msl, so, its easier to learn. There are some words that is to be signed differently but the differences are not that different.

  • I'm in love with you😂The cutest thing is how you naturally sign parts of your sentences as you are saying them. Came because of Drew, stayed because you're dope!

  • Hey there,
    I am a hearing student at Chanhassen High school in Minnesota, I have been taking American Sign Language for 3+ years and plan to continue learning throughout my life. My ASL teacher is an Alumni of Gallaudet University, he is the only deaf person in his family- his wife and 3 children are all hearing. Over the past few years, I have become more and more interested in the factor of Hearing Privilege.
    Being my junior year I plan to make a large documentary about Hearing privilege and show it around the school and if possible in different businesses. In order for this project to work, I need multiple people from the deaf community to help me with accurate information. To get this information I have created a survey that on average takes 6 minutes to complete. (Attached). Please send this link around so I can accurately collect information.

  • Is it horrible that I laughed so hard during this? I love your sense of humour. I am sending this to a few friends of mine as well.

  • I love that even though there’s so many different sign languages it’s easier for signers that don’t share a language to communicate than it is for spoken languages that don’t know each others language 😊 (there’s gotta be a more concise way to say that)

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