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Dealing With Rude People – 15 Communication Tips

Brainy Dose Presents: Dealing With Rude People – 15 Communication
Tips There’s a good chance that you’ll encounter
rude behavior in nearly every social situation – be it at work, a family gathering, or while
interacting with people when you’re out and about. Regardless of who it is, it’s important
that you take time, and consider ways to properly handle your reactions to rude behavior. It’s really easy to give these people an
attitude in return, particularly when it’s someone you don’t think you’ll ever see
again. However, by stopping, thinking, and responding
correctly, you can walk away from the interaction feeling much more pleasant. Here are some clever ways to deal with rude
people – without becoming one of them, along the way! Number 1 – Take A Moment To Choose The Right
Approach Take a moment to stop and think about the
consequences, and if it’s worth a dispute. When dealing with a rude person, it’s a
good rule of thumb to talk things over – if it’s someone you’re close to. Otherwise – if it’s someone you rarely see,
or especially someone you may never see again, there’s simply no need to pick the situation
apart. Rather, be as kind as possible to them, and
move on. Number 2 – Make Direct Eye Contact When someone is talking to you in a rude manner,
don’t avert your eyes from them, as this may cause them to think that you are being
submissive to their approach. Look them in the eye when they are talking
to you, and hold your gaze. This will show that you are confident in your
stand, and that you will not be made submissive by their rudeness. Number 3 – Smile Commonly, when someone’s either rude or
mean to you, all they’re looking for is a reaction. So what better way to throw it back at them,
than to do the opposite of what they want! Smiling not only bothers the person being
rude to you, but the act also tricks YOUR brain into thinking that it’s happy – and
as a result, you will feel more at ease. Smiling not only shows rude people that their
words can’t hurt you, but it also shows them that what they say and think doesn’t
matter to you. Number 4 – Keep Your Temper When it comes to dealing with rude people,
the quickest way to lose control of a situation, is to lose your cool. By letting your anger get the better of you,
you indirectly validate their behavior. Raising your voice, pointing your finger,
or speaking disrespectfully to a rude person, will only add fuel to an already heated situation. Plus, it shows that they are destroying your
self-control. Don’t try to talk over the person – use a
low, calm, even monotone voice. Wait until the person takes a breath, and
then speak. Give yourself the chance to work things out
by remaining calm. Number 5 – Don’t React, Respond Another benefit of keeping your composure,
is that it allows you to proactively respond, rather than negatively react. Feeling calm, in control, thinking and acting
from a position of strength, rather than being out of control and trying to recover from
what you’ve said or done, will help you think through a better way of handling the
issue. One way to ensure that you ‘respond’ rather
than ‘react’, is to put yourself in the rude person’s shoes for a moment. By empathizing with them, you can often diffuse
the situation – as they will not have any opposition to their case. In effect, what you’re doing is understanding
their position to the fullest, rather than agreeing with them. Number 6 – Consider The Other Person’s Point
Of View When you face a rude person, it’s easy to
blame yourself. You may think that there’s something wrong
with you – that perhaps there is some unappealing quality about you that triggered such a reaction. You need to keep in mind, that when people
are rude to you, their behavior probably has nothing to do with you! It could be because they are having some problems
of their own, and this in turn causes them to be cranky to you. If you know the individual, and know that
they are NOT a bad person, consider it situational. Based on the scenario, quickly consider their
side of the argument. Is it possible that their point is valid as
well? On the contrary, if you know this rude person
well and this is just how they seem to act every single day, it might be a larger issue
for the two of you to work on. Number 7 – Approach The Problem Head-On If you find yourself frequently deflecting
rude behavior from a particular person, calmly ask if you’ve done something to upset or
offend them. This is an important conversation, and underscores
your willingness to hear the other side. Sometimes people don’t even realize they’ve
been rude, and your honesty could help them re-evaluate their actions. You may also find out, that you’ve misinterpreted
a situation. Number 8 – Be Objective And Analyze The Rudeness So somebody was rude to you. What did they say or do? Was there any sense in it? If you view the situation objectively, you’ll
realize that most rudeness is senseless, so you can simply ignore it. On the rare occasion, when there’s logic
behind the rude behavior, staying objective lets you address the root of the problem – instead
of the rudeness concealing it. Number 9 – Find Common Ground Connecting with someone who is rude can be
demanding, and it can require some effort not to take it personally. Try to find some common ground, so you can
still get something out of the conversation. If rude remarks are still thrown in your face,
choose not to take it personally. There are some things not worth fretting over. Depending on the interaction, you can choose
when to be silent, when to speak, or whether to let it go. Assess the situation and decide the appropriate
response. It is easier said than done – so taking a
few seconds to decide what to do, empowers you – and sets you above the situation. So ask yourself “How can I get the best
out of this conversation?” Number 10 – Develop A Mature Perspective One simple way to deal with rude behavior
is to draw on the old phrase, “kill them with kindness.” While you cannot control another person’s
rude words or actions, you can choose how to respond to them. While this may take some practice, ignore
the rudeness and simply respond kindly. Keep in mind that many people are rude because
they feel frustrated, angry or are dealing with stress. Although their personal circumstances do not
justify rudeness, understanding where they are coming from, can help you respond to them
in a way that neither upsets you, nor leads to rude responses. Number 11 – Be Witty And Use Humor To Ease
The Tension The best way to surprise a rude person is
by using humor in your reply. Someone who is aggressive toward you, would
expect you to respond in the same tone, but when you use humor or wit, they are bound
to feel thrown back. Using humor will also lighten the tension
and allow the other person to calm down. Number 12 – Simply Say “You’re Right!” No, you don’t REALLY have to agree – you
can use this just to cut the conversation short. This is a statement that will leave nothing
else to argue about! You are admitting, and the other person can
just nod their head and feel satisfied. Or dissatisfied – if they realize that what
you’ve just said, is only to stop any further discussions on the topic. Number 13 – Don’t Try To Force A Change Some people are rude, simply because they’re
always rude. Once rudeness becomes a habit, it can be difficult
to shake off – even if someone truly wants to behave better. Habitual rudeness should never be taken personally;
it’s just a pattern that’s hard to break. You can’t make someone be polite if they
want to be rude. In fact, trying to force a change in their
behavior, will often make them behave worse, instead of better. Sometimes your best option is to accept that
their rudeness is not your fault, and let them find their own solutions. Number 14 – Finish The Conversation Before
It Gets Ugly You should think about your own dignity. If you feel like you are about to lose it,
just step away from the conversation. Simply say “This conversation is finished.” Don’t let a rude person make you regret
your own words later on. Rude people tend to do this, and they enjoy
it. Don’t give them the satisfaction! Number 15 – Walk Away Since you ultimately have no control over
another person’s rudeness, it may be beneficial to walk away – without comment – particularly
if you start to feel agitated or angry. This will help you avoid confrontation. If the rude individual is a friend or family
member, distancing yourself from them or cutting off contact altogether may be necessary – particularity,
if their behavior is negatively affecting your life. For example, if the rudeness is aggressive,
or involves verbally or emotionally abusive behavior – such as name-calling, put-downs
or efforts to control you. Learning to connect with rude people can be
tough, but it’s a skill you can improve – to enhance positive and productive conversations. By following these tricks, you will find yourself
being able to better handle rude people that you’re likely to encounter in your day-to-day
life. While there may never be a world without rude
people, there can be one where you respond to them pleasantly and commendably. We want to know what you think! Have you had any crazy experiences with rude
people, and how did you handle them? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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