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How To Learn Sign Language

Deafness and Disability – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

On-screen CC, enjoy! (one finger, not two- whoops!)

8 Replies to “Deafness and Disability – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)”

  • If have seen hearing signed with two fingers, as you have showed, or with just the index finger raised. Is either correct?

  • I've recently started taking basic BSL lessons at my college. I've wanted to learn sign language for a long time and it's great that I can finally learn. I have a disability called dyspraxia which impacts my hand eye coordination which makes signing quite difficult for me (it took me about a week to get the letter K) but I'm learning. These videos are really great for me as I can keep re-watching them until I get it right so thanks for this. I would love to see more signs about disability maybe about access requirements (like using a ramp) or more about learning difficulties like autism or dyspraxia or ADHD.

  • good one saying two different signs on hard hearing … usher syndrome …. ive not seen that sign before so ive picked up a new sign . ;.))))  some very intresting signs you have used….I enjoyed your video ;.)

  • I am American interpreting student (so obviously learning ASL) but I'm going to start learning some more BSL than just the alphabet (which is what I know now). Thanks!!

  • Could you possibly do a video of baby/pregnancy/mother related signs? (e.g. car seat, bottles, sterelisers, other baby products commonly used, breast feeding etc). I work at a baby shop and would love to be able to communicate better with hard of hearing customers 🙂

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