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Deaf Person Reacts To CL “I Quit” Music Video (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

Good morning. Really, it’s morning. It’s 4 in the morning. So why in the hell
am I awake right now? CL, who is one of my
favorite Korean artists, is releasing a new video. I saw a teaser for it yesterday. And I saw ASL! CL isn’t signing. But there are deaf people
in the video signing! And I know two of them! So I got really excited. And I knew I wanted to
watch and react to it. Also, good morning from Zane. So I was thinking and I
don’t know how to make the song and the
reaction accessible with a voiceover because
of the way everything is. I’m really sorry. I’ll try to plan better for the
future if I make more of these. But four in the morning me
does not know how to do this. (MUSIC) That’s the video! It’s a good song and
a good, fun video. It’s really simple. CL wanted to show ASL. There’s one thing I’m
thinking about: Because the song is in Korean, why not use Korean sign language? I know the song has some English. But I mean CL is into Hollywood. So. KPOP is becoming
popular in the US. That’s likely why. But anyway. It was really cool to see
ASL in another music video. It’s not the first music
video to have ASL in it. It was really cool to see
people that I know. Shaheem and his
girlfriend, Nancy. That was really cool. That’s my reaction! Do you want to say bye? Looking at me with big eyes. Nothing. Thank you for watching. I really appreciate it. I’ll see you later, bye! (CHRISTMAS MUSIC)

23 Replies to “Deaf Person Reacts To CL “I Quit” Music Video (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter”

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  • Yeah, CL missed an opportunity to have KSL and ASL mixed together. If she's willing to make cuts between words and sentences for the Deaf performers, she can reflect the codeswitching between English and Korean from the lyrics on-screen

  • Statistically she probably has more Asl watchers rather than ksl. And the music industry is mostly hearing people so they might not have known enough about signing to know they could use both. I thought it was fun I however wish there was more to it. I loved it but the parts where there was no signing there could have been something. But I'm so glad that we live in a time where people even think about it.

  • I already loved CL even though I'm not in K-pop. She was my big exception. I love her even more now!
    I'm not deaf or HOH, I'm partially blind, but I'm always over the moon about all kinds of disability representation in media. This is too awesome!

  • I was not expecting asl to be in the video (i didnt watch the trailer). I thought the people were just going to dance. When the girl signed “my mother always tell me”, my brain naturally read it and i was so confused because i wasn’t expecting it. I thought the dance move looked like asl, then i realised IT IS asl!!

  • I must say it was hard to watch you & their music at the same time. I just did a quick search for the video itself. I couldn't find it. Can you tell us where to find it?

  • It would’ve been cool to see what could’ve been done with KSL and ASL side by side. I like this regardless, but I am kind of sad to not see more than just ASL/BSL in “popular culture” things that often.

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. They used ASL because they are considering making two music videos. One for the U.S. and one for Korea using KSL. CL just really wanted the opportunity to make her music accessible to the deaf community.

  • I would love to see more versions of the video with different sign languages featured, firstly Korean. It's still an awesome video though and I adore the multicolored hands! It really highlights the beauty of sign language as a whole

  • I kiss-fist this! Thank you Rikki! I already kiss-fist Shaheem & Nancy. But Im happy that they’ve added ASL to a music video!

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