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Deaf People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Deaf People Tell | Cut

– [Interpreter] “Can you
date hearing guys like me?” I’m like, yes, I’ve done that before. What’s wrong with that? We just can’t hear, that’s all. (elegant guitar music) – [Interpreter] My name is
Evette and I’m a house cleaner. My name is Shyanna and I’m
actually a college student. – [Interpreter] Yes, I’m deaf. (laughs) Sorry, I’m a little nervous. Yes, I’m deaf, completely deaf. – Oh, um. – [Interpreter] Where do I begin? Oh, there’s so many. Um, let me think of one. “Do you like music?” “Do deaf people actually have sex?” – I’ve been asked a few times,
“Can you read and write?” – [Interpreter] Can
you understand my lips? Yeah, I don’t like that one. You hear the same thing over
and over and over again. “Can you drive?” – “Can deaf people drive?” – [Interpreter] “Oh,
can deaf people drive?” Like, obviously I can drive! Oh my gosh, that’s so insulting. Well, people do ask me
if I need a wheelchair, like, at the airport. I’m like, hello, I’m
standing in front of you. I just can’t hear. “Do all deaf people sign the same?” “Is it a universal language?” I’m like, well, do you have
a spoken universal language? It’s not really question,
but they try to test me. Like, “Are you really deaf?” So some people yell behind my back. There’s many things that
are just really annoying, but if you ask me, “Do
you wish you could hear,” that’s awful. – [Interpreter] Well, I
mean, I was born deaf, so I’ve never been able to hear. No, no, um, I don’t
think I ever wished that. – [Interpreter] Well, of course. I mean, being deaf’s not easy. You have to break through
all kinds of obstacles. Yeah, there’s a lot of times,
you know, I wish I could hear. I mean, that sense of
feeling normal, you know, because so many people in
the world are able to hear and just wanting to fit in. But I would not wanna be a hearing person for the rest of my life. I wanna be deaf. I love my life. If I became a hearing person, it makes me think about
that word privileged. Would I then feel privileged? And the thought of that really bothers me. – No, I don’t think I would want to hear because I wouldn’t have any reason to be able to continue sign language. I wouldn’t have any reason to be a part of this community or this culture. – [Interpreter] My identity
would sort of disappear. I would then be connected with what we call the hearing world. They think that if you have hearing, it means that you’re going
to have a perfect life, but they’ve never experienced
our life or our world. I mean, I couldn’t even
imagine anything else. I’m always 100% proud to be deaf. That is for sure. I’m satisfied with who I am. – [Interpreter] No, just stretching. (laughs) – Hey, it’s Marina from Cut. Thank you so much for watching
another one of our videos. What’d you think? Let us know in the comments down below. And if you wanna pick up any merch, please check out the link in our bio. See you next time.

100 Replies to “Deaf People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them the Most | Deaf People Tell | Cut”

  • I can understand why people would ask if you can drive because you have to hear sirens of cops or ambulances

  • I think that If I were deaf the most annoying thing for me would be the meme
    Subtitles: [Horror Music]
    Deaf People: HOLY SH*T

  • This makes me wanna cry… really brings joy to my heart when I see videos like this. Deaf people doing alright in life. Like god bless and thank god for this. 😭 I hope they continue to thrive as well

  • I can't imagine being deaf that's why all of is should thank god for a gift like hearing! 😄

  • I don't know why I'm saying this but I'm not completely deaf but I lost 50% of my hearing in my left ear so ya

  • I was waiting for rhe question "why cant you just use a hearing aid"
    And that they answer that hearing aids dont really work for all those who are deaf

  • I CAN'T BELIEVE the interviewer asked them the VERY QUESTION they said annoyed them! Dude! Weren't YOU listening AT ALL?!

  • Hoenstly if I was deaf and somebody asked would you turn to hearing I would actually say no because wouldn’t that be so hard on your ears? Like you’ve gone all that time with no way of hearing

  • I hate myself but I got so confused, I always have pronounced deaf as “deef”, but it’s actually like “def” smh

  • My mum is deaf and I find it sooooo annoying when people ask if they can read lips. A lot of people ask why she doesn’t get hearing aids and the real reason why is, because she proud to be deaf. She sees no reason to get a hearing aid because it would make no difference to who she is. Be proud to be deaf!

  • That's a question I been having about sign language is Global every states or country uses the same sign language?

  • I love this channel Becuase I get to see some deaf people. This channel makes me feel special and different its nice knowing many people learn sign for you Its nice not being able to hear idiots all the time (in my opinion).

  • I was discussing with a fellow co-worker about some of the content on television and in music. This is what we agreed on: We can't un-hear nasty fowl and slang verbalized words and we can't un-see horrific, nasty, disgusting crap that people put out there and want to call it entertainment or freedom of speech. -But we wish we could.

  • well it’s not our fault our questions don’t get answered,, we’re curious and we don’t know. most of these questions aren’t even rude or trying to offend anyone we genuinely just want to know

  • They're so cute and nice all of them i cant even describe it, the way they think and deal with life is so amazing and mature i would love to get to know each one of them, they're truly amazing
    Also im in love with the blond girl i wanna marry her, but well she's probably straight

  • They're so adorable and confident. The good thing is,they can't hear what other people say about them and they're just being themselves proud of who they really are❤️

  • Deaf power woo! Am deaf myself but don't use sign language, wouldn't change a thing, bless you all 💜

  • When u realize they have never heard Bohemian Rapsody, but then you also realize that they have never heard Its everyday bro

  • I want to learn sign language

    It kinda bothers me that these people need an interpreter- it definitely makes me value the ease with which I can communicate with other people.

  • I'm so mesmerized by the way they communicate, I just want to look at them communicating all day. It might sound weird, but I'm so impressed, for me it's like watching magic

  • Man I do respect this people! I mean, I've actually got no "real problem" in my life but I don't really feel happy with my life. I guess I learnt something today.

  • I dislike how people in this world are so damn ignorant to everything… people who do sign are as normal as you and I.. the ONLY difference is they sign while we talk. I love deaf people tbh.

  • quick tip for all of u beautiful people if u are ever watching a video about deaf people and or are watching a deaf Youtuber, click captions and it will help understand what they are signing. other than that have a wonderful day💗

  • This is why I won't even attempt to talk to someone who is in anyway different from me. I'm such a curious person that the most ridiculous question will bug me until I'm granted permission to ask. I completely understand their frustration, but how tf are we supposed to learn if we don't ask questions? I'll rather have people ask the dumbest questions over just assuming it. I love explaining my mental illnesses and learning disabilities to people. Damn people just understand we can hear shit, you cant and don't know what it's like to be deaf. Yes some are dumb, but most at legitimate questions…

  • Most annoying question be like:

    "What's your fav genre in music"
    "CaN u HeAr"
    "Do U eVeR tHinK wHeN soMeOne YaWns thEy aRe ScReAminG"

  • i hate how they think that all hearing people are so privileged and have all this great stuff like people with hearing sometimes have a lot worse lives then deaf people like if you changed and you could hear doesn’t mean that you get blended with all these people that are all the exact same just cause they can hear. i mean a lot of really extraordinary people had their hearing. it’s not being deaf that’ll make you stand out, it’s if you do something different ya know. being deaf has nothing to do with ‘being special’ or ‘standing out’. i dont know that just bothered me how they were saying that they don’t wanna hear cause it’ll make them blend in the all the ‘privileged’ people. no hate, i’m actually learning sign language myself it’s just upsetting to me when i see things like that.

  • To be fair, some of these questions are not "dumb" per se. You wouldn't necessarily know the answer to the question unless you are deaf or know someone who is, or had some other reason to look it up. For example, asking if sign language is universal. I know it is not. But that is only because I know ASL. It is a legitimate question. Patience and understanding are a two-way street.

  • CAN YOU DRIVE!!!! LMFAO the extra chromosomes be real thank god I can blend in and not have to deal with shitty snoops these poor people have to deal with.

  • Woman: 'when people ask 'do you wish you could hear?' Thats just really insulting'
    Interviewer: " oh. I did wanna ask that tho…"
    Woman: "☹"
    Interviewer: "😬"

  • If there deaf then how do they hear those questions that annoy them? Do they get told the question in sign language?

  • I’ve always wondered when a deaf person thinks what language do they think, or if they have an inner dialogue

  • cAn yOu rEaD mY lIpS???? That used to annoy me so much growing up with deaf parents. First off, I'm here and I can translate for you and, also, if they would like to read your lips and need you to slow your pace of talking down then they will politely ask that you do so. The lady in this video recreated that so well I cracked up.

  • The driving thing isn’t meant to be taken offensively it’s just that if a police car or ambulance is coming will they move

  • My mother is also deaf but i dont do these type signs and one more thing i didnt understood these peoples signs atlast its a cute video and cute lady with pink top very cute 😍

  • I wish they were less sensitive. Some questions people ask are obviously stupid, but others are understandable. Example; I speak both, English and Spanish. Does any of you know more than one sign language? That’s an honest question.

  • I saw a deaf girl at my university here in Australia, so I'm seriously considering learning AusLan/ASL (Australia Sign Langauge).

    Any advice on big no-no's – I know you shouldn't speak when you sign and OBVIOUSLY don't ask these questions, but are their any other taboos?

  • Honest question:
    Have you ever dated someone who didn't know sign language? How did you communicate?
    (Sorry if this is a stupid question)

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