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Deaf People Talk Dirty | Deaf People Tell | Cut

– [Translator] I’m a bad girl, come on! Give it to me, is that all you got? Come on! (classical music) – [Man] All right, let’s
start with are you deaf? – I’m deaf. – [Translator] I am deaf. – [Man] Are you dating anyone? – [Translator] I have a girlfriend. – [Man] Do you ever compliment her body? – [Translator] Oh, I always
tell her that she’s beautiful. I love her body. You know, I love biting her
neck and sucking on her neck. I’m a vampire. – [Man] Do you talk dirty in the bedroom? (laughs) – [Translator] Oh, it’s kind of awkward when a woman’s standing right here. Well I do that, I sexting, but I almost never do that in person, like talking dirty. – I’m actually kind of
pretty venereal and bad. – [Translator] My parents
raised me well. – [Man] Do you ever talk dirty? – [Translator] Oh yeah. I mean, I guess it depends. Depends on how you’re fucking, what position you’re in, you know. You know that romance and foreplay and mostly it’s, “Hey baby, come on, sweetie,” you know? “Let’s make out.” And talking dirty’s part of that. – [Man] What’s like
something sexy you can say? – [Translator] Oh wow, you look beautiful. Oh, I want you. Hey baby, come on, what
are you doing tonight? Let’s hit the sack. – Oh, you like that? You want that? Come here. Come here. – [Translator] Oh man, I
want to go down on you. I want to go get it, girl. “Does that feel good? And go from there” rub your body against me. Hey, take those off. Get over here. I’m gonna attack your clit. Come on, you and I, let’s get together. I am so fucking horny,
let’s go fuck in the car. Oh, I want you to mount
me, I want you on top. Fuck me hard. Give it to me. – Suck my nipple, suck my neck, suck my dick. – [Translator] I want
you to cum inside me. I want to be wet all over. Come make me feel good, I’m so horny. – Pow! – [Man] What was that? Was that, “My dick is so hard right now?” – [Translator] Oh yeah. I am so wet. I can’t wait to get it on with you. Oh, pull my hair, pull my hair more! I want it! Give it to me! Come on, daddy! Give it to me! I want some more. I’m a bad girl, come on. Oh, I want you to be right
on the edge of cumming, right on that edge. Oh man, get me more. Yes, I want it. I’m gonna cum. I’m done, all right, you are outta here. Is that all you got? Come on, man up! (laughs) – [Man] Oh.

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