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Deaf Ninja: Origin… in LIS!

[ This video has no audio ] I grew up with an older brother who was deaf. He had one of those old chest-mounted hearing aids. I used to tease him about that; this incurred his wrath resulting in him beating me with his hearing aids, nunchuck-style. As I was being beaten, something happened! I had a vision… Deaf Ninja! The night is dark… [ description of the moon, clouds, and fog ] He is dressed in black… [ description of the chest-mounted hearing aids ] It starts to rain; he watches a solitary drop of water descend.. [ description of weapon-clad enemies approaching ] [ description of fight ] The drop of water was still falling! As he adjusts his hearing aids, he proclaimes: ‘I don’t hear anything!’ Snapping back to reality, I looked at my brother who was also adjusting his hearing aids, saying to me: ‘I don’t hear anything!’ I was dumbfounded. Special thanks to VLOG SORDI for their help with the subtitles!

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