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How To Learn Sign Language

Deaf Mom and Daughter Teaching ASL

Hello! Good Morning. Who are you? Who is she? Who are you? Who are you? Shaylee! Yep, that’s right! I’m Sheena, her mom. She is my daughter. Today, we will teach an ASL lesson. SHAYLEE: Deaf, deaf.
SHEENA: That’s Shaylee. Who’s that? SHAYLEE: Mickey Mouse!
SHEENA: Yea! That’s right! Now, what’s that? SHAYLEE: That’s a bear.
SHEENA: Yes, a bear. A dog. SHAYLEE: Farm.
SHEENA: Yes, farm. SHAYLEE: That’s an owl! Let’s show them how to fly! SHEENA: What’s that?!?
SHAYLEE: Baby. You are becoming like a mom. Yea? What’s the sign for this? iPhone. [POINTS AT THE IPAD] Purse. Cute. That’s my favorite. See? Everything is her favorite. That’s the typical three. Ball. My favorite. Catch the ball! And one more…let me look for one more toy. Ah! One more very important thing. SHAYLEE: [SIGNS THE FIRST WORD] B
SHEENA: What’s that exactly? Book! Which one…pick the one that is your most, top favorite? That is her top, number one favorite toy! Yeah! Thank you for watching us. SHEENA: Say “Thank you.”
SHAYLEE: Thank you for watching us.

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