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Deaf Love Language Test | Sign Duo

so mine is… R: what are you? R: same! E:What?! R: same! E: Hey Guys. Sign Duo here where we are signing all day every day! I thought it would be a funny idea if we took the five love
language test so this test is about how you like to be shown love R: I think we’re going to be very different so this should be interesting. E: The five love
languages are: R: Which one do you think you are? E: I am? mmmm E: Physical touch R: Receiving gifts? hey really R: I’m just playing. Maybe not really playing but.. Yeah I’m just playing E: what do you think I am? R: Words of Affirmation E: Oh yeah. R: Words of comfort E: Oh yeah now I think about it probably that so what are you thinking you are?! R: Service for sure E: hmm I think you’re more like quality
time that’s what I would guess but we’ll see let’s see R: Let’s find out! R: Let’s find out E: So let’s take this test E: thank you R: No prob E: Okay R: Thirty questions! E: Thirty questions?! E: There’s thirty questions so we’re not going to say each
one but we’ll say like a few of them yeah R: Which of the following would you most likely do for someone you care about: Clean their home Have flowers and send as a gift send a text to them and let them know you’re thinking about them or, surprise visit What do you think? E: no you’re supposed to answer. I can’t
influence you so you answer that don’t tell me. My question my. My first
question is R: Done! E: on a scale of one to ten, one not being at all. How how much do you
like public public display of affection E: hm! R: Which holiday do you love celebrating with your partner the most? New Year’s Eve Christmas Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day? That’s a hard one E: Yeah that’s a hard one. Which is closest to your
ideal first date: horseback riding, dinner and a movie,
jet-setting to Las Vegas, or home-cooked dinner? Which? So we’re going to take this test
There’s 30 questions and we’ll be right back R: Before we let you know which we are… I want you to guess. What do you think we are? E: What are the five again? R: physical touch Receiving gifts Words of affirmation quality time Actions of serving Ok, so what do you think I am, or what do you think she is? Leave a comment right now then watch on! R: What are you? E: Oh well a lot of tests they give
you like a score of all five from one to five like which ones is the most but this
test doesn’t and it didn’t tell us the like list. It
just gave us our first one so mine is physical touch R: oh i got the same! E: What! R: Same E: Really! R: can you see that? E: that’s awesome R: I got physical touch too E: yeah heeey R: I’ll sign out what it says E: That is so us! Every time there is a old couple Ryan goes “Hey, look over there” and if they’re holding hands we both look at each other and go “aww” R: We’ll be like that later! E: Yeah *kisses* R: Its kinda weird. I thought we’d be different E: Me too
you thought that I was words of affirmation How do you sign that? words.. R: basically words of comfort yeah affirmation comfort. Words of
comfort I thought so too. That was a good R: I thought I was “serving” E: I R: I thought I was “serving” E: I I think that’s the love
language you express because you do a lot of acts of service for me. A lot yeah Could we take another one that gives us the list R: I don’t think there’s another one I’ve seen other YouTubers do it
and they have a list so let’s look and see if we can find the other test well that’s okay R: Try to start this one E: did you find one? so we couldn’t find a.. I mean we didn’t look that hard but we couldn’t really find one I gave R: If you know of one like we’re talking about with a list then comment below so we can do the right one E: So we’ll put our results in the description
box down below. Physical Touch R: Same E: that’s good to know
know that we’re the same R: I thought we were different but E: yeah. I was… E: actually when you said words of
affirmation i was pretty sure it was that R: I thought so too but guess not E: Yeah. What did I think you were? R: service E: Service R: acts of service E: No, I think that you express a lot of acts of service like you like to clean my car you like R: That’s an act of service tho! E: yeah but that’s. What the love
language that you like to receive is different from the one you express right? R: Ok I don’t know, whatever i don’t care E: well I hope you guys all enjoyed that
video if you’re not part of our signing family then click that subscribe button and the Bell… I don’t know how to sign Bell Bell?… Bell? Click that Bell notification button so you
guys will know when we post new content content and yeah R: And… I’m sorry to keep reminding again but the 26th is the LAST chance to buy shirts/hoodies go to the website in the description box below and get them while they’re available yes and see you guys later byee Sign Duo OUT!

28 Replies to “Deaf Love Language Test | Sign Duo”

  • I love the both of you so much……xoxo I have been learning sign language for a couple of years and I wanna learn more to become a teacher for the deaf and I want to adopted 2 kids that are deaf……. any tips

  • this is the website! You scroll down and pick “learn your love language” then “myself” then “in a relationship” and then scroll all the way down to the “download the PDF version” and you can print the two pages to do it on paper. At the bottom of the second page there is a section where you can put the total next to the 5 love languages!! I hope this helped! I love your channel (:

  • Ellen would be physical touch or words affrmtion and ryan would be words affrmtion … maayyybeeee ..😂😂 just a wild guess from me.

    Eidted: am totally WRONG abt Ryan.. sorry abt that.😅😆

  • 🌸Hiya guys, its great about this love u guys so much of course I will looking forward see u next new video ya ya ya….oxox huggz ily🌸

  • I love quizzes like these!! Sometimes you get stuff you totally didn't expect and you just have to re-evaluate a little haha. I think the one with the list is here:

  • I think Ellen would be physical touch and Ryan acts of service . I also think you both would be quality time too. (Written before watching the whole video).

  • The thing about the love languages is that everyone has 2. The first is how they like to be shown love or how they would like to receive love and the second is how they like to show love. My love languages are receiving words of affirmation but i give gifts and acts of service to show my love.

  • If you go to, I believe it gives you the scores/list you're looking for! You just have to enter in your name/email and stuff, but that test is pretty legit. Love watching your videos, it helps me to not forget all the ASL I've learned. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • For Ellen it would probably be words of affirmation & ryan it would be quality time, but it could honestly be vise versa too lol

  • You guys are funny. I like the way you guys have a conversion each other that shows stronger love for each other. Have a good one until your next video!

  • My fiancé and I just took this test the other day and we both got quality time! I think it’s better if you match because then you can both be receiving love the way you prefer at the same time! Love you guys.

  • hey ellen and ryan i have a song request for you guys can you do a song called grace by laura story that song is powerful

  • Y'all are adorable love you guys so much. I took the love language test too and this is from the exact website that the book comes from. it has different questions for if you're in a relatonship and married or not. So just a little more detail

  • She wanted a kiss, so badly, and he didn't catch that, two times! Pull it together, Ryan! Her love language was screaming at you. Lol.

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