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Deaf Girl Says Words She Can’t Hear | Rikki Poynter

Hello. Welcome back to the channel. So today I had this fun idea to try to pronounce words that
I have never heard before. I did a video similar to this a few months ago and Jessica Kellgren-Fozard did this exact video and you know what? It was kind of cheating, I guess, right? Because I was saying words
that I’ve already heard of before or I was saying words that I
had already heard before. So it doesn’t really
count, does it, I guess? But then I thought
about it and you know what? For a fun video, let’s do
words I’ve never heard, I haven’t seen before,
at least to my knowledge. And I found three
links with a list of words and the only downside
is with things like this, there are words that will have the actual pronunciation under them. So, I’m going to try really
really hard not look at that. Some are pretty small
so you don’t really notice it but we’re gonna to
try to avoid all that. If you have not yet, do subscribe
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I’ll have that link down below. Always helps out a lot. So now… let’s go. “14 hard words to pronounce
in the English language.” This will be fun.
Onomatopoeia? Ono-ma-to-poeia. What does that even mean? “Say onomatopoeia
and you’ll be on your way to “sounding like an English
literature professor.” Really?
I must be smart. A-nee-money?
Anem-onny? What does that mean? (LAUGHS) I think “anemic” when I say it
but I don’t think… I don’t like those two words
have anything in common. Is it anemone?
Anem…what?! (BROADCAST TONE)
Oh it is anem…anem…anem-OH-ne. Why is it harder
for me to say now when I’m trying to read
the actual pronunciation? “The vowel heavy word looks like
it should rhyme with tone or bone and should be pronounced
on-a-moan… any-moan or ayn-moan.” What?! “It was actually a four
syllable word pronounced ah-nem-muh-nee.”
Ah-nem-oh-nee. Is-the-miss.
Ist-miss Is…is…is…isthmus? Am I trying to be German again?
Am I trying to speak German? Isthmus?
Isthmus? Ist-m… Oh, it’s pronounced iz-moose.
Iz-moose? No T H.? “TH combination doesn’t even exist
in some languages including German and Dutch.” I’m just gonna say,
‘What does that mean?’ to every single one of these. Oh boy, oh, oh. Oto-rhino-laryen-gologist.
I’m sorry, what? (LAUGHS) Otor-rhino… Oto-rhino-laryn-gologist. OK the last half has to
be laryn-gologist. So otorhinolaryngologist? “This is the term given to
an ear nose and throat doctor,” and this is why we just call them
ear, nose, and throat doctors. (LAUGHS) Ok, but how do I
actually pronounce it? OK. “If you have problem using
the formal pronunciation “which is oto-rhino-laryn-gology…
gologist….” Wait, does that
mean I said it right? I don’t even want to try to
remember how I said it or try to say it again. (LAUGHS) That’s it on that list.
I’m wanna go to another one. “40 Hard-to-Pronounce Words
You’re Probably Getting Wrong” Accede?
Ack-cede? “How to say it.
Ack-cede.” “May be mispronounced a-ceed.” Ana-thema?
Oh, anathema. OK, I can see that.
Apo-crup-ful. Appo-cry-ful. I have a feeling it’s not actually
appo-cry-ful because that sounds so bizarre. Apocryphal!
Apocryphal! Wow. You know, now that I know
how to actually pronounce it that sounds like a fun word.
Apocryphal. Cama-raderie.
What is a cama-raderie? First, it is a word that
I pronounced correctly. “Easy familiarity and friendship
often built over time.” Well then.
De-bauch…yeah. Epi-toe-me.
E-pit-toe-me. Oh, it’s i-pi-to-me,
not eh-pi-to-me. Eh-pit…i-pi-to- me.
Wait, what did I say the first time? I know I said eh, but…OK. It’s not eh-pi-tome, it’s i-pit-ome. “A person or thing that categorizes a
whole category to which it belongs.” (LAUGHS) Espresso. (LAUGHS) Everyone likes to say ex-spresso. Why do people say ex-spresso
instead of espresso? I never quite understood that. Grandiloquent.
Yeah, that was easy. Huh-gem-ony… huh-gem-ony? Huh-gem-ony… huh-gem-ony…
huh-JEM-ony! I feel like that gif
versus jif thing just showed up right in
front of my face. What is that? “Authority, leadership, or influence
by a dominant social group.” Oh, OK.
In-cho-tate! In-co-it.
In-co-tit? What is “inchoate”? Inchoate, not “in-co-tit”.
Inchoate. Who comes up
with these words? “Only partly in existence,
partially born as in an idea.” Well, I have an idea.
Get that word out of the language. Maelstrom
Maelstrom. Nah-dir?
Nay-dir…oh! Well, if it’s pronounced nay-dir,
why don’t we just put the Y? Neo-fit?
Neo-fite? Neo-faht.
What? That says “neo-faht”? How do you get “neo-faht” out of this?
I’m so confused. Panacea.
No, that’s right. Phlegmatic, right?
’cause phlegm. So it’d be phlegmatic…
Phlegmatic, yeah. Yeah.
OK. I really want to say that
the pronunciation of this is ‘pro-teen’ but I feel like just
because it’s spelled so weird that is going to try to throw
me off and be like, no that’s not like your
traditional ‘pro-teen’ word. Pro-te-an.
Yeah…pro-te-an. What…what?
Why? Pure-ilee.
Pur-ell? Pure-ell?
Pure-ile? P-yoo-rell.
Pyoo-erell. P-er-ell.
(BROADCAST TONE) OK. I think we’ve found
the one official word that leaves me stumped,
that I cannot pronounce. Even after knowing how to pronounce it. P-yoo-er-ile.
(LAUGHS) What is this?
I don’t like it! Pul-tri-tude.
Pul-tri-tude? Pulchritude.
Oh, pulchritude. What’s a pulchritude? “Physical beauty and comeliness.” Oh, OK. That doesn’t sound…
That word does not sound beautiful. Pulchritude.
Quixotic? Yeah.
San-guine? Yeah.
“May be mispronounced san-gwine.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen
or heard anyone in my life say G-U-I-N-E like ‘wine’. But you know, like, when you
have a linguine like the pasta? But, I could be wrong. Sherbet.
Sherbert…sherbet. Oh my god, you’re right. See it says it may
be mispronounced sherbert. And I’ve only ever heard
people call it sherbert. But it’s sherbet. Why have I always been
calling it sherbert when I looked at it and
know that it’s sherbet? Surfeit. If it’s anything like forfeit
it would be surfeit. Right?
Yep…OK. Tru-culent…troo-culent.
Oh, truck-ulent. Well, I guess that is easier to say
than troo-culent, so it’s truck-ulent. Vicissitude. You know what, every time I’ve
tried to say a word like this by the way it looks, I’m wrong. So if I’m looking at it
like this vis-vis-i-tude… or is it like vics-i-tude? Vicissi…oh!
It is vicissitude. OK. Then we have a last one
and I hope it’s a word that I definitely have
never seen before. Ze-phere. OK, I’ve seen this word, but I’ve
never actually heard it pronounced. Is is ze-phere?
Zephyr. Oh, zephyr. Now I feel like I’m having
a moment when I’m remembering
the one time that maybe I actually have heard it with earphones in and attempted a little… but at
the same time, I’m not sure. Zephyr. Zephyr makes sense, though. That second page had a lot
of words I’ve never, ever seen and have left me very confused. So, I want to know if any of you use any of those words in your everyday life. I am a simple woman. I like simple language I guess (LAUGHS)
so I was like, damn man. If you want to try these
out for yourself, I’ll put the links down below the description box. You can have fun with that,
maybe even do your own video. Maybe we can make this into a series. So if you have any words or tongue
twisters that you want me to say in a video, leave them down in the comments
and maybe I’ll do that for the future. So, yeah, that’s it. Let me know how
your day is going. And if you would like to help
translate this video, I’ll have a translation link down
below in the description box. Extremely helpful. Give this video a thumbs
up, share with all your friends on social media
and I will see you later. Bye! (ROCK MUSIC RIFF)

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  • It would be fun to see a video like this with you pronouncing English town names. Most Americans struggle with them lol

  • You could've titled this video « Deaf girl says french words (but with less letters) » 😀
    8 out of 10 words are the same it's amazing

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  • Try translating this and not laughing = impossible 😂 and nope not even gonna try pronouncing those. But you did said Anemone in Danish so 👍

  • Espresso vs espresso…. This is a play on the word espresso that some stores would (and still do) put the word "espresso" in store windows in neon lights or especially done by window artists who do the painted ads on the windows at gas stations or even cafe's, apparently to imply that you can get your espresso quickly, less waiting (ever seen the line at Starbucks?!?!). The issue is that many people actually first read the word incorrectly a couple decades ago, and didn't realize it was a play on the word, and pronounced it incorrectly from then on. I noticed this when the coffee thing got big years ago, and it drove me nuts. Had to school my other half on how to say it correctly…lol! I am pretty sure there is also a product called "Expresso" as well, which only further muddied the waters. Now you know totally useless info…lol!!

  • You should try to pronounce Long Island town names! 😂 even hearing people who don’t live there have trouble pronouncing the town names! Actually I have a feeling you’d do better than hearing people!

  • Great video, Rikki. Here are some random words that I could think of: antidisestablishmentarianism, epicaricacy (the English word for 'schadenfreude'), antithesis, peninsula, parochial, assassin, epistemology.

  • I've been living alone for a long time, so I have no one correcting my pronunciation of words; but, I used to experience it.

    I know the words from your lists. I use most of them on Pinterest. My favorite is puerile. I looked for a word to describe people who are behaving immaturely. I didn't want to call them childish because quite frankly there are preschoolers who show more maturity than some "adults." 🤔😌

  • I do this ALL the time. I read a LOT, so there's a lot of words I know that I have never heard said. (I actually knew all but one or two of those words already). So ppl always correct me on my pronunciation (or look at me blankly for using a big word I learned somewhere that they don't know at all). What sometimes happens is I have a word I know from reading and another word I have heard, but have not connected them. So for example, I knew "epitome" from my mom saying it but for some reason did not connect it with the written version which I pronounced ep-pit-tome (like dome, three syllables) instead of ep-pit-uh-mee … >.< I mean I thought they were related, but not that they were the same word.

    When I don't know a word, a lot of times I fall back on spanish pronunciation rules because THEY ARE EASY!

    And for some reason I said leema beans (for lima beans) for MANY years…

  • I learned Onomatopoiea in English at school, as part of how to analyse poetry in an exam setting – it means words like "drip", where the name of a sound sounds similar to the actual sound it describes.

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    3. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    🙂  … enjoy your November

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