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Deaf Best Friends Style Swap ♡ | Girly & Edgy | British Sign Language

Hi~! I would like to give you a warm welcome to my channel If you are new to my Youtube, my name is Naje’, I am deaf and I will always sign throughout on my videos So I have a special guest to introduce today~ Heeey~ This is my best friend from America, she used to live in UK but she moved to America 2 years ago and she’s visiting here now I am happy that you’re here~! Hello! My name is Jimade In ASL, J-I-M-A-D-E So, today’s video is going to be our style swap~ Our styles are so different, right? I am mostly girly and she’s more like vintage-ish [J] Yeah, vintage [N] 80’s, right? We will show the swap of make-up style too Mine is a very natural look and her is really a variety ~ We have been shopping at Primark and selecting the clothes to swap I choose what would I wear for her and she choose what would she wear for me [J] I took forever in shop, like 30 minutes [N] Yeah, she took longer than me [J] Actually, my style is so varied and I wasn’t too sure what to choose as I do not have an exact style of mine Choosing outfit for her is like uhhhh I know I usually choose whatever I like and make a mixture of my style In the shop today, I find it hard to choose [N] Ok~! Ready to show it! Who can go first? [J] You go first [N] Ok! I firstly will show you a top~ Funnily, I’ve bought this one for myself too because I love it! [J] For me? [N] Yes You know I love blouse as it is light and flowy top What do you think? [J] Urm ok, I don’t know…I don’t usually wear that Mmm, it’s really nice! It’s definitely her style I love a tweed skirt~ I love how it’s suitable for autumn~ I’ve bought one for myself as well [giggle] [J] Oh, you got one for you? [N] I got it from sale for £3! [J] It’s £3? Every time, we go shopping, she always finds something cheaper than what I bought as mine always has been so expensive! [N] Hope I get your size right~ is it 7? [J] Yes [J] Ah, I almost get this today I should get this one but I changed my mind I knew it’s suitable for historical and modern stylee, not for an 80’s style I don’t really like that headband It’s different and new for me [N] I am so excited to see what you bought for me~ [J] I picked clothes which are a mixture of modern and roughly 80’s-90’s style I think my choice of clothes is what most people would wear [N] Mmm ok [J] but I don’t know… Let me know if my style are different or are normally what many people wear…I dunno it’s vingt… [N] Yeah, it’s vintage [J: correct herself] It’s V-I-N-T-A-G-E It’s jean, so perfect! [J] I didn’t realised that Primark has this [N] Really? [J] (Primark) never had anything like that. Yaaaay! It’s a lucky day today [N] Ooo, it’s nice! [J] Oh! I never noticed that! [both] I love that film! [J] When I saw this and I was like ‘Ooo’ – I knew I love that movie and I am obsessed! It perfectly matches (with jean) and it’s vintage-ish which I like [N] Thank you [J] I’ve got one more top And I’ve got two belts because I can’t decide on picking gold or sliver….uhhhh [N] Ah ok~ [J] I always wear a shirt [N] Ohh [J] It’s long [N] It’s nice colour [N] Ohhh [J] I love this I really wanted to see her wear that It’d be weird to see you wear that [N] I know~ I actually had one long time ago and I didn’t wear it for ages [J] I’ve never seen her wore this…I just can’t remember [N] (I am going to) look like a biker [J] Or Grease [N] Yeah, Grease~! [J] It’s simple bag…a backpack [N] It’s really nice~ mmm [J] I like that, it’s my style [N] I’ve never seen her go out without a necklace [J] Did I? [N] Always have a necklace, yes~ [J] It’s a must [N] That’s so cool~ Thank you~ My earrings always have been plain [J] I like to wear heavy jewel earrings [N] She’s very varied (in earrings) and mine is just very simple [J] I don’t do simple earrings, I have to get large earrings – It’s a must [N] So, we will have our make-up routine swap and going to remove our make-up now~ [J] Oo, it’s cold [N: giggle] [J] Why (are you laugh)? [N] You brushed so hard, I just laughed (about that) Oh! What a bold eyebrow~! [J] You have a really nice skin [N] Aw, thank you~ [J] (You are) lucky [N] Thank you~ [J] Oh my god! It’s so dark I do not usually wear heavy make-up, just a little bit (less than this) – not too bold, just a little I do not use (false) lashes much [N] Oh my, I do not usually wear that dark I am so excited to do her make-up [J] Oh! It’s cold [N] Your skin’s smooth as well [J] No, it’s not [J] I look like I’m going to a hospital for surgery [N: laugh] It’s plastic surgery, yeah~ [J: jokingly] (I) will have a plastic surgery soon [N] Don’t~ You are beautiful [J] No, I won’t I always do my eyebrows first, then a foundation everyone has different preferences, some do eyebrows first and some do foundation first [N] (The liquid highlighter) gives a more natural glow I am sorry, I did terribly [J] Nah, it’s fine. Our ways are different….and she did good [N] My eyeshadow is really simple, only use three (or less) colours [J] I am really scared, I am worried about being poke (in the eye) [N] Do not worry~ I really like rose gold eyeshadow And warm colours But I am not the best (at eyebrows) [N] don’t you need a mirror…? [J: jokingly] I can do make-up without make-up Nah, I need a mirror [J] The eyeliner is the problem – always! [N] I think I have to give up~ [J] I also gave up when I did her eyeliner [N] My favourite part of the make-up is the blusher~ [J] I look like I have two dimples, I actually got four [N] Aww, cute~ [J] No, I’m not cute [J: in ASL] Cuteeee [N] Lastly, it’s lipgloss~ [J] I prefer to wear a dark lip, I don’t like a bright lip That’s not bad It’s not my usual make-up So, we will change our clothes~ [N: gasp] So cute!! Oh my goodness~! You could go to (office) work in that [N] Naje’s style (in posing) [J] Ahhhh! Oh my god! She looks like a different person! The backpack Jimade’s style (in posing) I like the long cardigan – I love it [N] A cowboy [J] Yeah, look like a cowboy- [N] I mean, a cowgirl! Cowgirl! I’ve been wondering if we would keep these clothes or not Would you keep any of these? [J] It’s my first time to wear this style and I was like mmm, it’s so interesting [J] It’s nice to see each other’s different styles I like the heels and skirt These suit you so well~ Well, I do not think I would keep these clothes What about you? [N] I think I look so cool and I feel like I am a different person [J] (she’s like) bold, dark and sexy – oh my god! [N] I like the top but I am thinking if I would keep wearing like this every day ~ probably not We will always stay true to ourselves and embrace each other’s style and differences ~ it’s nice to experience it! I really like it~ So fun! I think it’s great to try out many styles although it’s not your style (and fun way to experiment with different styles) Hope you’ve enjoyed watching~ Thank you for watching and have a lovely week, darlings~! [J: awkwadly] have a nice week too(?)

8 Replies to “Deaf Best Friends Style Swap ♡ | Girly & Edgy | British Sign Language”

  • This is very cute! I understand a bit of sign language since I was taught when I was real little, but I forgot most of it as I grew older

  • you look pretty girls! love jimade you look so pretty i like your outfit 🙂 same of naje 🙂
    in future please make challenge with jimade i would love see boths of your reaction! <3 love u xxx

  • This video was so fun and you girls are gorgeous💝 I wish I could do my eyebrows so nicely like your friend does!🙈
    Btw I love that skirt😻Is it from the new collection? xx

  • Thank you for taking the time to close caption the videos! I really love you and your style and watching these videos brings me so much joy! Sending love the USA! ALSO, you're both so pretty omg

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