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How To Learn Sign Language

Deaf Anime Girl In VR Talks About Getting Bullied

52 Replies to “Deaf Anime Girl In VR Talks About Getting Bullied”

  • HUGE THANKS TO THE DEAF COMMUNITY IN VRCHAT FOR TAKING THE TIME TO TALK TO ME. I've put links they wanted me to share in the description! Hope you all
    had a great weekend I'll be back with 3 more uploads this week.

  • Thanks for always having subtitles Syrmor, my boyfriend is deaf, and with subtitles I can share with him your videos.
    I wish more content creators started writing actual sutitles instead of leaving youtube to auto-translate everything in a poor way.

  • The atmosphere and silence really makes this video VERY VERY special and unique than the other ones. Like reading a book, it really connected with my feelings mentally.

    Also makes me want to hug her so bad and apologize for all the bad things that happened to her

  • This is amazing, my entire family is deaf except for me and a few others but I'm completely fluent in American sign language.
    I've always seen the potential of sign language in VR, but never would I have foreseen the development of VR SPECIFIC SIGN LANGUAGE!!!! It really moves me to see this happening and I thank you for making this YouTube video spreading awareness about this! :')

  • Anyone who is interested! 😀 As a deaf person i can tell you that for true deaf experience u needa lose ur hearing, since normal ppl still hear things in complete silence, the voices of your own body like ur own heartbeat, breathing, rustling of your clothes while u move, swallowing, munching, etc (and farting!….im sorry). This is a weird topic since other disability experiences are easier to show for ppl like blindness: u take on glasses making everything look blurry or u go into a complete dark room and see nothing. There are many kinds of deafnesses which require different hearing aid implants, depending on the source what blocks hearing, hard to hear and deaf. I'm sure u guys have seen elder person wearing a machine thingy on their ears, yea those are for hard to hear, who can hear a little. Deaf person who hears nothing, like nothing really, u can't even imagine, just like i can't imagine what normal hearing is.
    Most unfortunate scenarios are losing your hearing, u knew what sounds did things make, your fav music doesn't sound the same as before, maybe u won't be able tell difference between noises, I know it is hard. When i comforted my hard to hear friend on a last day of a summer camp, she burst out out of tears because her hearing worsened by side effects of medicines (she needed medicines for other illnesses becs her mother drank and smoked while she was pregnant with her) I realised for her this is the true nightmare, she loves music and has beautiful voice she even participates in choir… By the vid I see Sio as a freakin survivor! U do too! I hope for the best for her.
    (Maybe i should have said this in the start… wtever screw order!) I was born deaf, I got my implant when i was 4 years old, till then I couldn't hear, now u know that babies start learning/talking around 2+ years old. When u get ear implants that doesn't mean u instantly hear on the maximum lvl, it hurts so much being open to noises after 4 years deafness, ear and brain needs time to get used to hearing around 1 or 3 years based on how often u are wearing implants. This is a huge fall-back. I could talk on "ok" lvl when i entered middle school at the age 7. Yea i went normal school bcuz i could talk and i had high iq (pls dont take me seriously), but now thanks to lot of reading ppl say that in my talking it can't even be heard that i am deaf, and with my long hair my implants are hidden, questions come when i tie it up at PE like: Whats that thingy in your ear, or are you some kind of CIA secretary, or did i forget on my ear the mcdonalds-worker headphones (?). That i learned talking this short period of time before school it is a miracle, and lot of time and patience from my mom. She didn't go work "offically" for 10 years (yea moms having kids with incurable illness they don't have to work for ten years this 2 or 3 years at normal kids if i know it well, pls correct me if im wrong) My mom did everything to teach me talk and pay attention to others talking, it was a cruel challenge of fate she overcame and i can't even pour it into words how thankful I am to be able to talk. She made a promise for herself that she gonna teach me and won't let me attend a school specialised for deaf children, use hand talk only, and after finishing school go retire at the age of 20, that's what happens in most cases. She decided the best would be if the doctors do the surgery on me so that i can use hearing aid implant, go normal school, make friends, achieve goals in life….. And dayum how right she was.

    My "block" in hearing to make it easier for some: there's a special chemical which helps translate "information" between ear and brain, my body can't produce this cuz it said why not, fck the planet. But i can still hear with hearing aids O-N-L-Y, like idk wts the difference between normal hearing soooo this is the normal for me. Having the possibility to take off ur hearing aid makes an option to turn "volume off" x) kinda poor explanation, heres the full version: its like entering the void of your own thoughts without noises of the World, its weird cuz my thoughts/vision creates imaginary voices. like i see a dog opening and closing his mouth ik for a fact that he is barfing so in my mind i imagine a barfing sound. Kinda handy when I vacuum clean I just turn my implants off with the Words' peace in mind and soul I enjoy the suffering of my brother who trynna focus on csgo mm. Jokes aside, to be able to turn off one of ur senses, can be really helpful in focusing too.

    If u see a deaf person maybe talk with him/her they won't bite, yea u can talk to few of them cuz they can still hear (more or less) and talk just like me. I can't even use hand language, never learnt it sadly :c . Speaking of hand language u need to be very careful, it differs in nations. And about the talking stuff: please deaf ppl have hard time learning languages, talking/hearing is a really sensitive part of humans' twisted society they often get bullied or made fun of, they can't pronounce few words or letters so their talking sounds funny maybe. We misshear lot of things that doesn't mean we didnt hear u saying something, if we want u to say it again, that doesn't mean u should repeat in the exact same volume and we will hear it perfectly wt we didn't hear for the first time, say it a little bit louder or more understandable. In this case u don't get in awkward situation and the deaf kid won't ask u 5 times to repeat wt u said. It gets very annoying for us too, its like ur mocking us.

    Ohboi, lotta sentences here, my apologies if i made u cringe or said something i shouldn't have. English is not my native language, tried my best, 2 hours wasted and i want it back.
    Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

  • Though I'm only thirteen, this video has inspired me to try and learn sign language. I believe that being deaf is one of the many things that not many people talk about these days. I'm so amazed and grateful that VR Chat and many other platforms are being created or used to let the people hard of hearing be able to communicate with other's online. Communication and socialisation is so important, so I'd really like to try this.

  • ALRIGHT BOIS I'M ABOUT TO GO HAM AND LEARN ASL. i told myself awhile back but this time i'm going to just make sure i remember

  • This is so interesting. Apart from her story, I keep reminding myself that she's not making the hand gestures herself, she's pushing buttons. Yet, she manages to communicate in a perfectly fluent way and you can actually understand her. Great video

  • I feel so bad for that girl 🙁 what a traumatic thing to go through in the 6th grade… I'm so glad she has a community though <3

  • This is awesome! I never thought about VR creating communities for people to learn and use sign language to communicate. Absolutely amazing. ❤️

  • This is amazing, it kind of makes me wish that they improved VR controls a bit better to allow more ease of use for the deaf and those who have hearing deficiency to more easily communicate. It would've been so much fun to just log on and be able to communicate without having to create a modified sign language just for the game…

  • Oh and Papa Thelius that was the cutest reason I've ever seen for someone to start learning sign language. I've tried to learn Swedish Sign Language now for the past couple of years, just so that I can communicate with my coworker who is deaf, it's a bit hard to find time to practice and quite honestly I'm quite forgetful, specially when certain signs are similar to each other or when there's more than one sign for a certain word and the meaning is slightly different, like if it's a noun it's one sign but if it's a verb it's a different sign. But I agree it's quite beautiful in comparison to vocal languages. One thinks a lot different in sign language, oh and it really improves finger dexterity. I bet that if deaf people tried to learn card tricks and magic tricks that they would be amazing at it.

  • "meeting my new family"
    its things like those that are the reason iv'e always wanted online bffs. sure, i have friends irl, but online friends are just different. i dont know how. they just have a different feeling and make you feel comfortable and loved in a community other than the one you have irl, if you have one at all.

  • i thought she would be typing everything out, but, being one who doesn't play vrchat (cause my computer fked up rn) it's heart warming that they included everyone when they made this game. They really designed it to be a safe space for everyone and really achieved that ♥

  • Hello everyone, I'm Deaf. This so interesting for me. Because I actually never knew this on VRChat. I just found out this search Youtube and this is first time that i see with sign language. I really want see that in VRChat. I will look forward to see this VRChat

  • I actually began learning a little bit of ASL from a coworker when I worked in the restaurant industry. We had an older gentleman who was a regular and he happened to be deaf. I talked to the server who knew ASL and would take care of him when he came in, and she taught me a bunch of different restaurant-related signs.

    I wish I had VR and was better at signing.

  • this is amazing, omg this community. i dont know too much asl and dont have much time to learn it but once i do im learning it

  • My heart. VRChat truly is amazing in what it can help accomplish. I'm glad that these videos can help get people in the know too.

  • So, I used this video as a reference for the Interpersonal Communications term paper I did about sign language, detailing how modern advancements have given benefit to the ASL and hard-of-heating communities by allowing them ways to teach and spread the language in unique ways.
    I ended up getting 95/100 on that paper, so thanks for the vid, Syrmor!

  • So uhhh, I know this is insensitive. But…I was listening to another video then it change to this. I though it had played ocean noises for a second, then I realize it was this.
    Don't judge me

  • Now I really wanna learn ASL, I’ve always kinda wanted to, but never put in the effort to really try, I only know majority of the alphabet, but I think it would be a fun experience

  • Coming from a college student learning to be an ASL interpreter, this warms my heart. It's so nice to see that deaf people can interact with others online without needing to type

  • Not gonna lie, saw the title and thought of A Silent Voice. Its an anime movie on netflix I would reccomend. BUt man, thats just messed up, people bulying people for the only reason being they cant hear. I had a deaf friend in 3rd grade and people would bully him. He would try to talk instead of using sign languge to try to make more friends but he couldnt ever form words, not knowing how they sounded as he was born deaf. Like, people would mock him and stuff and looking back on it, I realize how messed up that is. And of course, being a young and bullied 3rd grader wanting to have a lot of friends, I joined in on the bullying. I never did anything more than mock him but it makes me feel bad. I hope he is doing ok. I remember the next summer, when I went to the beach his family was there as well. It was really fun cause even though we could barely understand eachother, we forgot about that year all together. I now could never bully someone because I myself have almost commited suicide about 5 or 6 times because of bullying. If you bully someone, please dont because the victoms might have a lot going on. But overall, I will never EVER bully anyone again.

  • I used to run a headshop next to a deaf college and would sell bongs and rolling papers to the hard of hearing kids. They were so patient with me, we would either pass notes, text or make up our own charades (they knew I didn't know ASL). The most exciting part was how surprisingly easy it is to communicate with them especially if you already talk with your hands. Groups of friends would have their own slang and their movements represented their personal tone. They ironically introduced me to dubstep at the time because it was a genre they could "hear" in their bones if we jammed in a car with a subwoofer. Another funny thing would be them "listening" to your conversation from across a loud-ass bar. It wouldn't matter how quiet you talked if they could read lips. One thing I noticed was their isolation with other hard of hearing kids. They're shy but love friends just like anyone else. It can be intimidating to try to communicate but idk an instance where I've been shamed for trying to sign or even write a note so we understand each other. So far i only know two complex sentences: "may I have/would you like a cigarette?" and "do you ever feel like you're surrounded by stupid psople?" that's usually enough of an ice breaker to have a nice chat on a iphone notepad passed back and forth at least. I encourage everyone reading to give it a shot.

  • I’m kinda surprised and kinda not surprised that I didn’t hear about this in my asl class (I say kinda not, cus my teacher was like, gen x at the youngest)

  • this is honestly amazing. there’s really not many options of online gaming out there for the deaf community, and this really is wonderful for them and even people who aren’t deaf- to have. they can feel just as involved and make new friendships in a totally different way. this makes me wanna start doing VR chat so badly! maybe one day. 🖤

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