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How To Learn Sign Language


hey guys what’s up its Sign Duo here
where we’re signing all day every day I’m going to pick up the other half of Sign Duo right now hold on. One second okay My camera is not connected to the dashboard so I
might have to hold it every once in a while to make sure it doesn’t fall. I
really need to buy one of those mounts that sticks on top of the car dashboard.
I really want one of those. That would be very very helpful and then I could do
this more often and not have to like seem like I’m so nervous while I’m doing this
so I’m gonna go pick up Ryan and we’re gonna go get pho that’s the plan and
while we get pho I’m gonna drop off…. I’m gonna drop off some of my clothes that I
wanted to donate but decided that you know these are good
some of them are good pieces I should see if the clothing exchange store will
take them while we do that we’re gonna go eat at the pho restaurant right next to
it so that’s the plan right now and I told Ryan we’re gonna go eat pho.
We’re gonna go eat pho and he texted me right before I left, “sorry babe I just
ate. I couldn’t help myself” like what! no! we were supposed to go eat pho
together whats up guys you ate already? i ate very little so you’re eating with me? maybe, we’ll see how i feel I hate eating while you don’t eat oh yeah i know. maybe i’ll get a snack or tea or something i don’t think they have that they have thai tea its a pho place. always has thai tea Oh yeah. They do have that But it’s so small.This place gives
me like such a small glass for… I’m used to the big glasses. They give you like
this tiny little small glass. E: Oooo! I like that shirt. I can tell you tryin’ E: MUscLes we just got here Ryan’s growing a mustache I don’t like
it at all trying you like? he said it hurts so I don’t understand
why you. Why are you growing it? why? because i just want to see for once in my life im young. YOLO here my clothes remember this jacket I got you? I sold a bag for like six hundred eight hundred dollars and we were as
near up forever21. It was when I shopped there a lot and I bought Ryan two
hundred dollars worth of clothes that i felt like a baller. I was like I’ll buy
you anything. I got you. I got you. but you weren’t tho you werent a baller I had 800 cash when I was
like 15 16 years old and I was like whoa that’s a lot of money okay… okay what is up with you you know whats funny? now you’re scrambling for change at the store now youre being desperate i’ll sell you my old clothes give me some money. #badlifedecisions you.. we order two vegan pho? R:nooo phos, right? no im not that hungry so… so let me look Everything has meat in it so theres ONE thing that has vegan, thats it! and its called vegetable pho thats it oone thing i cant have pho without meat in it ill look around E: or if you want meat thats fine E: its okay no no no E: no problem! E: nobody’s judging you right? nobody’s going to judge him? nobody judge him ok Nobody judge me! its called transition i ate meat before when i was transitioning and i still eat meat sometimes yeah nobody’s perfect i just started so i shouldnt stop so rapidly progressively do it. take one day at a time i ate no meat for a week and half. about a week and half, nothing! i really wanted innout wait i meant i really wanted in-n-out but i ignored that temptation resist innout that was a shock, one week. im proud of you babe now its time to reward myself thats not the way to think! two ways to go about eating meat why am i not voicing? two ways to eat meat not eating meat
one way people stop eating meat and then they see results like wow thats awesome! i feel better! keep going and the other other person what they do is they stop eating meat and E: and they’ll feel better they feel great and then they’re like I
need a reward myself. I need a reward it’s like… whats the point i decided to get meat i dont want to stop cold turkey then later go crazy eating a lot of meat have that craving satisifed every once in a while for shame…? shame? for shame you dont know how to say that? like whats the sentence? for shame just like thats it! for shame! for shame! no… that’s not a thing and that doesnt translate well? R: do you mean shame on you? no its For Shame for shame! no that’s not a thing i’ve never heard of that i’ve never “heard” of that before did you understand the joke? yeah never HEARD of that before yeah that’s not one that translates well in sign language no. HEARD yeah you’ve never SEEN that before haha you got it so how do you eat your pho i feel like everyone eats their pho differently He LOVES lime that’s crazy! too much just a little bit is good mint brussel sprouts baby you dont have to do a cooking show yeeah what not a cooking show you guys want to know what we eat right? yeah but youre like a cooking show and THEN you take your chopsticks and you add hosein sauce ryan got the small bowl ellen got the gigantic bowl big! I got $9 wow good job babe you got nine dollars… E: I got $9 sorry i dont feel so good it just hit me just right now after eating the pho i feel like i need to sneeze. Ryan’s been sick I’ve been trying
not to get sick this whole time but I think it got to me I’m sick I’m pretty sure
I’m sick. oh I thought I was like superwoman vegan vegetarian superwoman
but I’m not. I think I’m sick. E: ‘C’. What’s this? ‘F’ E: Babe. Look. Look E: look E: we should do a giveaway no i want those for myself they have more E: Oh! They do. They have one more women’s perfect! E: think that’s it ok i guess im doing a give away E: yay! E: ‘J’ with the alphabet on it oh so cool i got them! i saw them and had to have them! right? but guess what! we got one extra we’re probably going to do a give away today or when this video is up so go to IG at SignDuo if you want one yeah they are so cute and we thought you
guys would like one too so I’m gonna go drop off Ryan and then head home and see
you guys later sign duo OUT you


  • Whoa, that’s really nice that someone signed hi to you! & YOU signed back!
    I’ve said “hi” to so many people in sign language which is basically the same way hearing people do in UK (wave) but no one ever says hi back. Lol.

  • ok…. i like the cooking show! but i’m vietnamese, so i like seeing that! lol i love the socks btw, so cute! and i’d like to know your thoughts about that stranger who signed HI – or in general your thoughts about strangers who sign random stuff when they see you 😕

  • nawww omg i was so confused about eating brussel sprouts with pho & turns out it was bean sprouts..maybe Ellen should postpone that cooking show HAHAHA you're such a cutie Ellen <3

  • my dad tried to grow out his moustache for movember. (male cancer awareness month in November) this man has been clean shaven for over 40 years since left the army, he said it was like a cactus on his upper lip 😂😂😂
    think shaving balm for men helps soften the hair.

  • I not born deaf I became deaf later in life. I get times where I get really confused with English words and phrases. Because I don’t understand English that well anymore or I only know how to say something in ASL. Because it’s completely different than English lol. So sometimes before I’ve said to hearing ppl “what do u mean? That makes no sense” when in reality it does make total sense just not in asl 😂😂 #latedeafproblems 🤷🏾‍♀️💯🤟🏾😂

  • Let him do it now before yall get married or have creepy baby/parent fotos lol 🤣😂moustache
    Edit: I try to be a considerate of culture when it comes to red meat, like if I order a club sandwhich that i know is probably premade I'm not going to ask them to take the bacon out, or a salad that will have bacon crumbs , because I remember Anthony bourdan? Saying it's culturally insensitive sometimes too. It's GREAT that yall go meatless even sometimes. 👏👌

  • When I first grew a beard – when I was 20 – I used hair conditioner on it and that really helped with the initial itchyness. After a few weeks it doesn't bother you any more. I finally shaved if off when I was 39!

  • They have a burger at in and out called a grilled cheese. It's basically a burger with no meat. I get it all the time because I don't like hamburger meat

  • I arbitrarily started on Jan 1 to change from Omni to Vegan, cold turkey (or no turkey!). It’s been 30 days now and it has been easier than I thought it would be; I’ve been replacing meat with plenty of beans, nuts or tofu and tons of fruits and veggies. (Jackfruit makes a wonderful alternative for pork, and I have found some Gardein products to help with any “meat” ideas, plus, their corporate office sent me coupons for free products). I would say after about two weeks, the cravings for meat started to diminish and I’m feeling much better. Hang in there! You can do it!

  • If you have to solve the hankering for meat buy Beyond Beef Burgers in the fresh section of Ralphs, Wholefoods, and many other places. You'll never look back. Ryans showing off his guns was totally funny.

  • My hubby and I have so many Deaf Hearing relationship moments!!! The struggle is real but not a learning moment. My hubby loves you guys!

  • Do you guys think it's rude when someone who knows a little bit of sign try to talk to you? If I ever meet a deaf person, id love to say hello, but I dont want to come across as rude or insensitive.

  • To be vegan and childless is great because there will be no more of overpopulation of animals and humans suffering I am glad that you are trying to be a good example to the world Being a good role model is very important

  • Every single meal is a choice, and a chance to change. I stopped eating meat when I was 2, literally in an instant. I was eating a chicken pot pie. I suddenly got this knowledge that "chicken" and "meat" were animals who'd been alive. Animals who were killed so we could eat their bodies. I was horrified. I stopped instantly. By the age of 4, my motto was " I will not eat anything that has or has had a face." That's the bottom line for me. think part of the problem is what Ryan tells himself, such as "I can't have pho without meat". He''s setting himself up to fail. I do hope he can fully transition soon and leave meat behind.

  • Haha. It's an expression in the hearing world, I guess. No worries, Ryan. And enjoy your meat. It's no sin. It's a crime the way they kill the animals. But it's no to have meat.

  • I found this channel again and I'm happy trying to learn asl .

    Lol it seem as of every time I see your videos one of you are sick

  • I cut meat out cold turkey and that worked the best for me. Don’t let yourself get too comfortable thinking you can cheat because you deserve it. I can tell you guys are giving up meat for health rather than for ethical reasons (the animals). I hope you guys can completely be 100% vegan rather than a plant based diet that you guys are on now. I’m coming up to one year vegan!

  • You said you still eat meat even after transitioning?? That isn't any transition. That's continuing to support animal cruelty, etc. You either love animals or you don't. Vegetarians are so stupid. And if you're one of those flexibility eaters, who eat animals every once in awhile.. You have so much to learn.

  • Your videos are SO GREAT for trying to understand sign language without any interpreting or subtitles. It's hard and I'm lost most of them time but it helps me learn so much!!

  • I really want to learn asl, does anybody have some suggestions of like an app or website that I could learn from? My school doesn’t offer any classes 🙁

  • Question!!! I have been learning ASL on my own and I'm trying to identify when people are speaking ASL or PSE. Do you and Ryan speak with Pidgin Signed English? 🙂

  • That’s so awesome you guys are trying to go vegan, or is it vegetarian? I haven’t seen videos in awhile and it’s been awhile since this video but you signed vegetarian but vegetarian is great too, veganism is the best though for us, the animals and the planet! I think most people spell Vegan. There’s a couple signs out there but I don’t think one has been established. I’ve been vegan over a year and love it, what’s helped is seeing documentaries like Earthlings and Food Choices and taking an ethical point of view as well as environmental has helped me to stay and never want to go back. 💖

  • Do you guys think it's rude when someone who knows a little bit of sign try to talk to you? If I ever meet a deaf person, id love to say hello, but I dont want to come across as rude or insensitive.

  • Hi I am hard of hearing and wear a hearing aid, I finally figured out how to get the close captions to work on YouTube LoL 😂 I had to ask for help, I'm stubborn . I love you channel I am learning ASL at 48 years old, I have Multiple Sclerosis and have issues with my left hand , I have been watching ASL YouTube videos.

  • You know, I was just thinking…. maybe I should become pescatarian! I have really never liked red meat or poultry or whatever you call it… but I love fish, and I would love to try more vegetables. I'm scared of eating vegetables, but after hearing Ellen talking about how she's heard people say they feel so much better, I really wanna try it somehow!

  • I want to learn sign language really bad because deafness runs in my family January 14th I qualify for my cochlear implant on my right side and on my left side I am permanent deaf

  • I'm a high schooler, 16, and we have ASL classes, from level 1-4 I'm only in level 1 but I already know a lot of these signs and I feel like I could definitely get by if I was with someone who is deaf/h.o.h. I would probably have to stop and ask "What's that sign mean" for a lot of signs but I'm also pretty fast at fingerspelling, so I feel like I could get by.

  • Turns on captoin but u know how to speak English.-. Oh so 1 is sgin awh cute cute relationship goals

  • You guys are so cute! But Ellen, doesn't it get tiring using Sim-Com all the time? You don't have to! I know for me using two languages at the same time scrambles my brain and I don't really get to say the equivalent in ASL of what I'm speaking. Especially as a hearing person because our automatic reaction is to say the English properly and then the ASL signs kinda lag.

  • I thought that Fu was spelled, well, Fu.
    4:41 You do you, Ryan.
    5:20 Innout?
    5:59 Ryan! chuckles
    6:11 See what you did there, Ryan? 😉
    7:09 Nice joke.
    8:01 I certainly do.

  • ryan, it's okay to slowly transition! as long as you're taking steps towards being vegan and you're planning on going full vegan one day, you're doing your part 🙂

  • This channel is so great! That is so great you are trying to go vegan. It is so wonderful for health, the environment, and the animals! If you need a push to commit to it, watch ‘dominion’ online. It is a free documentary and it gave me the push to go vegan. Thank you both for being awesome!

  • So proud of you guys for going vegan! Take as much time to transition as you need! I still struggle with it sometimes and I’ve been trying for like a year and a half lol. So I say I’m plant-based

  • We don’t judge you eating meat in your pho!! Me and my boyfriend are slowly transitioning meat out of our diet as it just doesn’t sit well in our guts but we haven’t just cut it out we have just slowly cut back not knowingly and sometimes still eat it! Everyone’s journeys are unique to there own!

  • I love this, first time watching a videos of yours and you guys are so cute ☺️❤️ I feel like learning sign language… super interesting.

  • Are you guys vegan? Because I’m vegan. I think it’s great that you guys limit your meat consumption! It’s the thought that counts. The goal is to one day be vegan, so baby steps is great!

  • I laughed so much when Ellen was describing the two types of people who try to quit eating meat. Ryan is flexing in the background like "THIS MEAT?! BEHOLD."

    By the way you both are too attractive I can't handle it.

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