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Day in My Life: Japanese Language School in Tokyo | Life in Japan

Hi guys! So today I thought I’d film a
day in my life as a Japanese language school student so I wake up at 7:45 and I need
to be out the door by 8:00 otherwise I’m gonna be late. So lets go~
So normally I sleep really really late because I’m up studying and
I get home late and I have to cook and clean and all of that…so that’s why I look
like! I always have coffee in the morning because otherwise I’m just gonna
fall asleep during class and my teachers are the type of people who really call
you out if you fall asleep so coffee is essential. I didn’t used to drink coffee
before I lived in Japan but I really don’t have a choice at this point
I normally meal prep and before I leave for school
I just heat the food in the microwave so it’s good to go and I can eat it
whenever I want throughout the day so today I have sausages (hotdogs) with rice
and sweet potato to snack on if I get really bored so yep that’s what I have prepared for myself so it’s exactly 8:20 and I really need
to get to the train station right now I’m not sure if I can film it because
it’s really the morning rush and I I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as Manila
but it’s still pretty crowded and I’m not sure if it would be okay if I filmed
so with that let’s just see what happens basically I commute for about 45 minutes
from where I am and then I transfer a few times actually and it’s really
hectic so lets go~ recently in Japan it’s been getting
quite cold so today is actually the first time I am busting out the heattech and wearing it under a sweater so I don’t really have outerwear I just have
a sweater on and a t-shirt so far it’s okay it’s not super cold it’s like 20
degrees so I would liken that to the kind of coldish Baguio/Tagaytay weather so it’s
still not so bad yeah I just thought I would let you know so if you guys have
any friends coming during the month of October Japan has officially turned on
the aircon aircon outside. Feel free to wear heattech. Layer maybe 2 not 3 layers
because that’s a bit exaggerated but 2 is fine and make sure one of them is heattech and then another one is like whatever normal outfit you would have on. Good morning Ron-san, good morning! Sho-san, good morning! Everyone isn’t here yet, right? (talking about the correct verb conjugation) Ron-san: What you said was fine, too. For the first 45 minutes of class we tackled shadowing – which fixes the accent when speaking in Japanese. And we also do a lot of kanji practice. omg my teacher came inside I’m so shy. So right now we’re on our first break, we have 3. Because our classes are 3 hours divided into 3 breaks. We study 3 kanji characters per day but its not just 3 characters we also have to memorize it within the context of words
and after that we- Sakurai Sensei: Oh sorry My teacher is giving back the report cards I don’t know if I did well but… They normally arrange it from highest to lowest And all my classmates are really really smart they barely
get mistakes My teacher just gave me my report card for the past 3 months They give an evaluation every three months and it (the form)
has my my name, my student number, my address and my attendance Which is important when renewing your student visa still please always
make sure that you come to class because Because immigration does look at it attendance rate and if it’s pretty bad
and there’s a chance they won’t renew your visa so I got my grades back and
it’s mostly B’s so the teachers also leave a comment and they give feedback
on what you need to work on. Tu san, good morning! Tu san: Good morning! She really likes GOT7 if
any of you guys like GOT7 give this video a like. Who is your favorite? Yugyeom Okay so if any of you know that person I’m not too familiar with KPop But yeah Bic Phon san, good morning! Bic Phon san: Good morning I think your jacket is super cute. Bic Phon san: Thank you! Hoa san: Wait… Are you shy? Hoa san: I’M NOT PRETTY! Not pretty? But yesterday you were pretty? Hoa san: I wasn’t pretty yesterday either. We’re on our second break right now. nothing much has changed since the first
one I guess my teacher is going around correcting some of the mistakes that other students made during the exercise
and she gives back the homework that they we did the previous day Like the kanji homework Everyday we studied 3 characters like I mentioned earlier and we have to fill it
out to look like this just to practice So we need to put the meaning, reading, and the actual characters I’m currently thinking about extending my studies because the chances of finding a job in your actual field of study is higher if you have at least and
N2 or N1 and N1 being the most ideal but N2 is pretty good as well
so I actually have some classmates studying for the N2 right now Even if what we’re learning is basically N4 level and if you guys aren’t familiar, N5 is the lowest level of Japanese for foreigners and N1 is the highest. With that said having classmates study for the N2 while in an N4 class is really amazing and they are very dedicated to their studies Like Ron san, the guy in red. he is studying for N2 and the guy in black behind him is also studying for N2. they are really just so good at Japanese and I hope to
be like them. Did I mention they are all 18~19? Everyone of this room is 18 except me and Sho san When did you turn 18? Ron san: Last year in November So young. Too young. :'( How old are you, Ni san? Ron san: Answer the interview question! Ni san: 19! EVERYONE IS SO YOUNG!!!! Kan san: Hi guys! Hoa san, Beto san, how old are you guys? Chi san: Hoa san is 36! 36?! Kan san(out of frame): Hi guys… What? Ain san, what did you say? Ain san: I’m playing a game! What kind of game? Ain san: A mobile game. Which one? Ain san: LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! Ain san: Now available on Mobile… Thats my teacher. Sakurai sensei… She’s like my homeroom teacher And she is very motherly so if we make a mistake with pronouncing something she corrects it right away These girls are my favorites in class Lan Phon san and Zuen san because Zuen san is so cute and they’re both super smart Zuen san: So not cute…. See look at them!!! Its like everything is perfect. Zuen san got perfect. Lan Phon san: Not perfect! Its fine! Look this is circled (correct) Everything is circled. Zuen san: me too (I made a mistake in that part of the homework). Me too. You made mistakes in that entire section? Why? (talks about forgetting to add a specific word) Zuen san: I just forgot… Me too. Its fine! Lan Phon san just told me she does her HW while at her part time job. Which is really badass While working, you do your homework? Lan Phon san: Yup Zuen san: When I do my HW I’m on my phone… How nice Zuen san works for a newspaper company and everyday she delivers newspapers Her work hours are pretty topsy turvy And she gets up at 2:00AM You wake up at 2:00AM everyday right? She wakes up at 2:00AM. She hustles hard and she has over a 90% class standing so she’s really really smart. I’m with Duc san and we’re studying in the classroom on the second floor

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