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Dangerous Fires All Over Australia

Since November 2019 strong fires burning in Australia. Now the fires have spread all over. 2,000 homes have been destroyed and people were evacuated to safe houses. Many Australian cities have been completely wiped out. On 31st December 2019, while we were all celebrating the New Year dangerous fires were burning all over Australia. Due to the strong fires, a thick blanket of smoke has engulfed the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. This smoke is extremely dangerous. The sky which is usually blue in colour had turned orange due to the fires. The Australian Army, Navy and fire fighters rescued as many people as they could via boats. Inspite of the fires, fire fighters worked very hard to rescue people. The Air Force airlifted many citizens as well. Earlier, it did rain in Australia but the rains weren’t strong enough to douse the strong flames. People weren’t satisfied and wanted more rainfall. 24 people have lost their lives. The fire has burnt more than 50,000 sq. km. of land. At the University of Sydney Ecologists – people who study the environment, animals, etc believe over 48 crore birds and animals have lost their lives. Koala Bears are found only in Australia and no where else in the world. More than 8,000 Koala bears have died till now. They are not found anywhere in the world but they are dying now. Due to climate change and deforestation in Australia, the number of Koala Bears has been decreasing. Inspite of the efforts, the fires have almost caused these beautiful animals to become extinct. What is the cause for these fires in Australia? Well this is not a normal fire. It is called a ‘Bushfire’. A fire can be easily started by adding fuel to leaves, wood, branches, etc. But here no fuel was added, then how did the fire spread so fast? There are 3 reasons. 1. A lightning strike could cause the fire. 2. An unstubbed cigarette could have caused the fire. 3. Sparks from a bonfire on a cold night could cause the fire as well. Any one of these can cause a fire. Secondly in Australia, strong winds keep the fire burning and help it spread faster. Currently the temperatures are around 40-50 degrees celsius. The extreme temperature due to the fire and the strong winds have kept the flames burning and increased the temperature all over and shows no signs of stopping. Another reason is the, Eucalyptus, which is found mainly in Australia. These trees are very tall and its leaves contain a lot of oil. Its oil is used for steam inhalation or to apply on the body during a cough. There are more than 700 types of Eucalyptus trees in Australia. Since the leaves of this tree have a lot of oil, it easily caught on fire and spread all over. Celebrities and people all over the world are shocked by the devastation in Australia. People have lost their homes, some are dead and there is a lot of destruction. This is why many have decided to help by giving donations to Australians.

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