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Customer Communication over Messaging Apps: Messenger Communication Platform

hi I’m Madeleine Steup a junior marketing
manager at MessengerPeople and today i give you a little quick video
introduction into our brand new customer service platform. A few words about why
we came up with this new tool we’re constantly talking to our clients about
their needs and wishes for messenger services and we wanted to come up with a
really modern and intuitive customer service ticket system that’s
specifically designed for professional messenger communication and customer
service once you’ve logged in you’ll see this dashboard here where it says good
morning and offers a couple of statistics you have solved tickets this
week this month and then some averages here and on the left you have a pretty
user friendly menu it pops open and you have your profile ticket assignment
ticket list settings all that stuff and at the top we have a facts bar and the
facts bar shows you how many active and open tickets you have which ones are
pending and which are overdue and need to be responded to the customer service
platform is browser-based so it runs on all systems and you don’t need to
download or install anything to start using it external CRM systems can be
integrated into the system via API really easily it’s also a multi
messenger solution so we support several different messaging channels right now
your customers can message you using whatsapp Apple business chat facebook
Messenger and telegram but we’re planning to add more messaging apps
before the end of the year so that was just a brief overview and now we’ll take
a little more detailed look at an imaginary customer service case so when
we want to look at a case we go to assignment here and you can see all the
available agents on your customer service team and these numbers
correspond to these numbers up in a facts bar so here an agency is what
tickets they have active pending and overdue and here you can see
how many tickets the other agents on your team have so if they have a lot of
capacity or not then the incoming tickets come here and one is going to
pop up in just a second from Veronica so now using drag and drop you can just
select the ticket and then you choose who you want to give it to if someone
has a lot of over to you tickets you probably don’t want to give it to them
so let’s give it to Birgit and it pops right up in the fact bar when you
receive a ticket assigned to you you can just click on it and now I’m in the chat
overview with Veronica Miller here are a couple of different collapsible panels
that you can see and you can adjust that you can see more or fewer of them ticket
information has tags and notes notes you can just add a little background
information to the case and you’ll be able to see this for the entire chat
history tags you can label what kite type of chat it is so you can say that
it’s a reclamation you could mention that it was a complaint you can just
provide a really good overview of the types of questions and inquiries you’re
getting from your customers user properties is just a profile for your
users that the agent can fill with different information like their name
their account number address or anything that’s useful for you and the chat
blocks allow you to create preset answers so let’s send one to Veronica
right away actually this is a quick response and just click right here and
then send it and you can use these chat blocks so that you can send an
often-repeated message to your users without having to type it and new every
time this way veronica know is that someone will be with her shortly but i
can take a second and look at our case and decide how best to solve it you can
set as many of these as you are and then here you have ticket history and that
shows resolved tickets for the same user so different agents when they get a
ticket from the scene user they can see how their cases have been
resolved in the past and more information so now let’s take a look at
Veronica’s case she sent us a photo one great thing about messenger customer
service is that it’s multimedia so you can send photos videos audio files even
PDF files and that way you can explain them more complex things really easily
and intuitively and Veronica has a stress ball that’s broken so we
definitely want to deal with that we can just type right here immediately Thanks okay the stress ball it’s broken so we
have her address in our profile but just in case that it’s changed or anything
it’s good to double-check and another really useful thing about messaging apps
is that they’re both synchronous and asynchronous so you can communicate
immediately like in the synchronous way that we’re currently doing but if the
end client doesn’t have a lot of time or it’s really busy right now doing a
variety of things they don’t have to just hold on to their phone the whole
time waiting on hold or trying to use the phone in an elevator or on the
subway they can just pause respond to your message when they have time and
then receive another message right then so it’s a lot more flexible you can
continue the conversation as it’s convenient for the user without losing
any of the chat history or information so that’s a great advantage of using
messaging apps now Veronica answers she says please send it to the same address
great and we can just deal with this really quickly we click on the check
mark here to close the ticket since it’s been resolved then you add a closing
comment that will be visible in the ticket history so that other agents can
see how you’ve resolved other inquiries please send successful case it was solved really
quickly and easily Veronica will be happy and now we’re back to the the
dashboard and another thing that we offer with this customer service
platform is chat BOTS to create automation processes you don’t need any
prior programming experience to use these we have templates for different
types of often repeated situations you can use them for FAQ news for delivery
questions return questions and because about 80% of all customer service
inquiries are commonly repeated this really helps you take care of first
level support in an efficient way and then your employees can focus on more
complicated cases it’s also helpful when there are off times where your service
agents just aren’t available so this was a basic intro into our new customer
service platform for messaging apps and we’re continuously adding more features
and improving the platform so we’ll take another look at it in a couple months
and see how it’s changed thanks for watching

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