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Creationist Signs at the Bill Nye / Ken Ham Debate

so last night we finally had the big
debate bill night versus can handle it properly with Ken Ham he runs at the museum that has Kaden
writing and dinosaurs and things like that that purports to explain how creation explains the world and so are
they gathered there in his home base and they had their debate now I we’re talking about some other
substance to the debate once we get into and as our but I I was a little bit disturbed by
what I saw and thinking about it more after the
debate I really question whether or not it was a good idea for Bill Nye to
engage in that and the reason I that was recrystallized
actually today so there’s a a journalist but Matt’s no
para is for BuzzFeed he was there at the
debate and he talked to some of the people who are very firm creation
believers and he had them right appease the paper little messages to
those who believe in evolution it to pictures of them as a ref show you
a few of them and reading these messages I don’t care about the individual people
this is not about them but not really about the individual messages but this is the frame of mind the bill
now I was going on stage to try to change it just feels like such an impossible
task and you’ll see why when you look at these images I believe in the Big Bang Theory gobs
editing bang it happened while very
enthusiastically posing smiling well she seems like she really thought
it out I have that so that’s a great argument congratulations I love like this and more if evolution
is a theory like creationism or the Bible he added that after dipping
why then is evolution it hot as the fact now this is a great one to
stop for a second on because we understand you understand your smart
person you’re watching a show that they are simply playing with dule
definitions of the word theory the scientific definition what a
theory is the popular definition a theory which is much more came to a hypothesis or
sometimes just an idea hmm he must have heard that idea be refuted in the past it he’s
there at the actual debate implying but he has
on some level song intellectual curiosity about this
issue and get he must’ve heard it many times
in the past he still is presenting it as like checkmate gotcha Bill Nye yeah I
think my biggest issue with these letters is that it does show a
lack of intellectual curiosity and I don’t know if it’s because the theory about pollution sounds too
complicated for people to actually learn about and and takin or if it’s
because they believe in their religion so much that they are threatened by the
science that disproves what they believe in right he already because the reality is if if you are a creationist you believe in a
literal interpretation of the Bible accepting something like evolution would
indicate that you can no longer dictate or or believe in the morality
that dictated by religious doctrine right which I just disagree with many %uh the Christians who don’t
believe in creation I do believe in evolution a bill by repeatedly brought those up
during the debate that would seem to imply that you can retain the
philosophical and moral or ethical underpinnings to Christianity without leaving a little truth out the
the word exactly and and then going back to the
Big Bang Theory you know i watch the entire debate I
watched it as soon as I woke up this morning because I couldn’t wait to see
you know whether or not this creation is had any type up good argument again someone
like Bill Nye right i mean they’re not even on a level
playing field so I but the debate was ridiculous to begin with right don’t
give any credibility to these nutjobs but anyway up but can have made the
argument that you know the Big Bang Theory is very
similar to what he believes in the sense that there’s no evidence behind it he
did say so in so many words but he basically said I believe in the word of God you believe
in this this idea that boom there was a big bang in
all the sudden they’re all these galaxies and and yada yada but the reality is I mean if he had done
some research I’m sure he has he has to know about this I mean the big bang theory isn’t based
on nothing it’s based on the fact that galaxies are
receding from the earth it’s based on the Doppler shift it’s
based on up hubbell’s observations and and Bill Nye did a great job in talking
about that and it’s just ridiculous to me that you
have a real scientist here debating using real facts and you have someone
disagreeing on what the facts are you can’t have a debate there or or who
refuse to believe the facts are possible in this thread Nokia more the pictures because science
by definition is a phiri not testable observable nor
repeatable why do you object to creationism or intelligent design being
taught in schools so this one depressed may perhaps more than any
other because science is I think by definition the idea abusing tests using observations repeating those
tests that’s what science is that the
scientific method is yeah and here’s a woman again is not about the woman but this is
a is %uh population of which she is represented who went there ostensibly because they
believe there’s a conversation to be had between religion and science who fundamentally did not understand the
first thing about science and whatnot at the end of the day I
really even her fall it to the community she is a part of who did not want her to
know about side to be curious about science and Italy at
the very least they brought Bill Nye in maybe they’re starting to to yield some ground in that area but
that’s that’s a scary sight to see drug grown woman in American 2014 so from watching that interview one
thing that I definitely did notice is that Ken Ham has a political agenda and
his political agenda is very very clear okay Bill Nye never mention the issue of
gay marriage he never issue he never mention the issue of abortion but can handed in his opening statement
he’s concerned with morality he’s concerned with the morality that is
pushed upon us by his particular religion so %uh you know he would make arguments that were not scientific n I don’t like
the fact that because in the format of that debate he can make claims and the only person
there too do rebuttal is Bill Nye right the
moderator doesn’t jump in and say that’s not true so people who are ready have a bias in
favor of creationism are just going to take everything he
says as truth and its back and there’s no one there other than Bill
Nye to say no that’s not actually true but definitely problematic and going
back to the whole thing about creationism in schools he kept repeating over and over again
that he found it to be problematic that we teach evolution but not
creationism right well to burst the ball that’s not problematic
that’s the way it should be because evolution is based on fact it’s
based on scientific evidence creationism is based on your Bible and also there are many states including
Texas Louisiana and Tennessee that have public schools that are
currently teaching creationism that kid or should be completely against
the law if we come from monkeys than wire they’re still monkeys is another
one that he must have seen that be refuted
to explain to thousand times but I love the response
from the BuzzFeed I reporter I if you came for
your parents why do you still apparent that’s awesome anyway if I don’t understand I know that
he didn’t go there to convince the monkey I yeah or the
sunset girl or any of those I understand that on some level but I worry that the the narrow like the
middle that they’re fighting for like I feel
like those people are a combination of so apathetic and help you out there could there be
left in Monday my wrong like I’m do you think it was worthwhile no now maybe I’m gonna be completely
honest %uh look I’m in favor of having debates having an open dialogue on
issues that may be controversial but this reminds me a lot love the
climate change debate right where the media will treat naysayers on a level playing field as those cool do the real science climate scientists
right and that gives credibility to those who denied the climate change is
caused by human activity yes I don’t like that I don’t want to
give them credibility I don’t want to pretend as though they
have a sound argument to make so in a format does that and and the
format doesnt do that i mean in the thing is there’s no debate to be
had if one side refuses to believe the fax at the very
end the debate you know can have without you know would you change your mind what would it
take for you to change your mind about evolution and he basically said nothing you know the word of God is superior and
that’s all that matters I’m paraphrasing I don’t know exactly what I not that much but but that just shows
you he is willing to reject fact and I think that his strongest
believers are similar where they will reject back
so what is the point of having is ridiculous debate all it does is it
legitimizes a point of view there should be a
legitimate well it does one more thing that you just revealed right there it
reveals that they do not have the fundamentally they don’t have the
same mission they’re not both looking for the truth they’re not both looking
for an explanation he’s buying with an explanation Ken Ham
is so long as it’s his explanation Bill Nye is willing to revise is
probably eager to revise his ideas based on new information
became him doesn’t care about the information he cares about his belief in
God are you scared to the Divine Creator to
include this one and others another one about what purpose do you buy in the
world because I think they were really they weren’t
arguing the same point as I’ve said I can him frequently was not arguing
that he believes that the creation explains the world he was
arguing that we have to believe it is because if we do not then you won’t you won’t I accept our
moral and ethical argument yes and it seems like many of the people the
BuzzFeed photographed they’re not saying I don’t believe in
evolution they seem to be scared what would it mean to be an atheist what
would my life be like what does that mean what the Suns yeah
if I’m an atheist so I think that Bill Nye handled this
entire debate in the classiest possible way and kid how was very aggressive against
him if you ask me but Bill Nye was very respectful and not
just above Ken Ham but also love people of faith right not
just creation is for people who believe in any particular religion and the reason why I like that is
because he did make a point about how for a lot of people religion is comfort right its it’s the
idea that one day when you’re gone you’re gonna
end up somewhere else in your life isn’t completely over and that is
something that helps console people it makes people feel better about the fact
you know that they’re gonna lose people in their lives %uh so I just I don’t have anything
against religious people I have something
against people who use religious doctrine to dictate the lives of others or people who just outright refuse
science refuse to believe in science or they
want to get rid of signs are public school system and replace it with
something that isn’t scientifically sound the work we’re not against religious
people were against ignorant people yet and they don’t have to be religious there’s nothing I hate more than talking
to a person who agrees fundamentally with everything I believe but but but
based on us to better version other that is a frustrating endeavor deaf and
I know there’s one other there’s one other quick area this I not everybody I’m things that they can
and did a great job some people even on his side are mad with the way that he presented
their philosophy so we go to our old pal pat robertson
and hear his problem with denim it was a bishop in them middle ages their home a 1807 a who I ended up the dates listed in Genesis and he came up with the world
manner after six thousand years the ain’t no way that’s possible and we have skeletons and dinosaurs it
go back to but our one point 65 million years and to say that it all came about and
six those New Year’s is just nonsense and I think the timely become offer that stuff and say this is
impossible and that we we have found a the
terrorists Rs Rex out there in the it with are going to some place amid a
full skeleton and that baby was laid down was 65
million years ago so I mean less less being relentless not be this
might like to joke about ourselves yet let’s be real let’s be as real as
the pterosaurs racks but anyway he its it’s the first week of
the month right that’s the week where he is reasonable next week he goes crazy in fact waiting
when there’s something but and this is another example %uh like I have to re
asked the question does anybody still believe that pat
robertson is religious he seemed to reject all the fundamental
principle yeah he believes in the structure behind the religion but if the strike me as particularly
well even the money that he gets from preaching the religion but every every once in a while like Hill I me
when he talks about infidelity in marriage is and why husbands hero get yeah it is just like
you know well light needs to take better care of words
lol K oh you know my wife is kinda acting up
which should I do yeah feder like love look like they’re
all like it was ridiculous point yeah %uh but in this particular case
he’s absolutely right you know I think that %uh the the
right-wing loses as soon as they start talking
about how the plan is only six thousand years old
when they start rejecting you know fossil evidence indicating that
evolution does exist that the planet is a certain age I’m so I like that he put out that
video and look there are reasonable questions out
there they do not believe we waited for him yeah exactly that totally reject
creationism but do believe in science and those are the people that should be
applauded but fundamentalist should not be applauded and I like that someone
like pat robertson is rejecting the notion that creationism is legitimate or
credible have now understand that the a big
organization young earth creationists and a happy
with pat robertson is not the first time he said that he doesn’t believe in all
six thousand year older thing so they’re not happy with them and
so I like this as yet another step I love you have in the Bible you have
the bill topical stuff and then you the stuff that purports to be fact
historical factor whatever and you overtime you strip more and more
at that a science reveals more of our history at history before their humans you get
rid of that stuff in the more you get rid of it the more the Bible will become
basically just another philosophy book and I think that’s perfectly fine at
that point what’s believe that has no divine inspiration to compare it a contrast with other philosophical
texts I think that for the most part it’s going to lose out when you do that
except for some with that jesus said that you can find many other
philosophies but I think that we will be better off when we get to that point
stop pretending that has any kind of divine origin whatsoever

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