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Course: MA Communication Design

It’s an interesting time for communication
because people are really in tune with the way that communication is changing the world
right now and so it is really interesting to think about well what can education offer
in relation to that context and in particular, what can design education offer for right
now in relation to that context. We’ve got these workshops based around very traditional
technologies that we’re quite proud of, but our students are finding really interesting
ways to bring the two together. So, laser cutting objects that can then be used to make
a mono-print, 3D printing type and then going and bringing it up to the letterpress. So
there is this really interesting thing happening with the building being so open that it is
possible to sort of do something that is really experimental, but have it be really in interesting
dialogue with the kind of conventional, historical technologies that we’ve really got as part
of the DNA of our field. The fact that like the course itself has such a mixed background
group of people and it is absolutely exciting to be able to work with them and understand
their inspirations and aspirations, their aesthetics and their way of working, and everyone
is so different. It is a beehive, everyone is just working. I think all the staff here
are really open minded and I think they feed off the energy of the students. There are
probably three or four incredible speakers that you should listen to here a week. I think
was is special is that this environment is really transparent so you can look into the
different fields of design and art and at the same time there is always something happening.
The purpose of doing this in a university setting isn’t to simulate the working world,
the purpose of doing it in a university setting is to give students a chance to really reflect
on how they want to position themselves in relation to important institutions, global
institutions, different cultures. I personally found it to be extremely inspirational for
my work and my understanding and through understanding of the events and theories of design itself,
it made me think about design laterally. Central Saint Martins is an iconic institution and
that has a lot of opportunities for collaboration and to be inspired by. This year we ran a
project in collaboration with Camden Council, they deal with trash and rubbish and recycling
and the students spent time working with that team to understand how they respond to community
feedback. You have the opportunity to really consider what do you think about what communication
is, what do you think about what communication could be in dialogue with what you think is
important right now.

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