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Couple Married for 70 years Die Together

Everyone likes to watch movies in which couples stay together get married, have children, grow old together and love each other for years. Watching these movies make you so emotional. You all might think that such love stories do not take place in reality. No. In reality there are a few stories like these around the world. If you do not agree, then let me tell you a true story. In 1940, Philadelphia, USA Preble Staver – this is his sign name and Isabell Whitney – this is her sign name – both met each other when they were introduced by mutual friends. When they met each other, their encouraged them to talk and that’s how they connected. They started talking and eventually fell in love. That’s when they started dating each other. Preble and Isabell both joined the American army. They took part in the army because they wanted to fight the war and defeat the Nazis in Germany. Isabell became a military nurse and Preble worked in the army. However they were working in different places and did not meet each other for years. Once the war was over, Preble and Isabelle were reunited. Five months later they both got married. After they got married, they had five children. Isabell was the head of the family and Preble after working with the army made many career changes in his life. They lived a very happy married life. They were married for 70 years. In 2013, since Isabell and preble had become old they became weak and moved into a care facility Isabell was suffering from a condition called Dementia in which she suffered memory loss. She had problems recollecting information, language and other thinking skills Preble had health issues as well due to his age. They did not sleep together and had separate rooms. Isabell forgot many things but she always remembered Preble. On Preble’s 96th birthday, he made a touching request to the nursing centre. He asked them to allow him to have one last nap with his wife. They agreed and made the necessary arrangements for the two of them. Their daughter Laurie said that, She told her father that,‘This is mom’s birthday present for you.’ He was just so happy to take a nap with her. Laurie said that, when they were together they did not talk to each other at all. They just went to sleep and not a word was uttered. They just held hands and just fell asleep. It was very sweet to see their love. After that, doctors said that Isabell would die in a week. her health was failing and she would not live long. Her daughter Laurie and her husband went to meet her one last time. When they met Preble held her hand after which she died. Later on the same day Preble died as well. Preble and Isabell were born on the same day 14 hours apart. Now they died 14 hours apart as well. Their love for each other was so strong. Laurie said that Preble and Isabell had a happy married life and were very close. However they did suffer a lot and had many problems but they were still close to each other. Laurie said that they had a secret. Their secret was that you must make a commitment and if their are problems you must support each other. You should work to solve the issues and stay united. This is why after all these years they are still together.

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