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Costume Party Assassins – ASL Teacher Resource

Hello, welcome to Dibs On Blue! This episode is really for ASL teachers. If you don’t know how to play this game
yet, well, go ahead and watch that explanation. I’ve already filmed that, so watch that
so watch that episode and come back to this one. This game is Costume Party Assassins. It’s really good for practicing explaining
people and describing people, colors, and directionality, signer’s perspective, I
mean really it’s quite a few things. So, an idea for you is that you group up the
students and they all play together but have 1 controller, 1 moderator, if you will. So the students are playing and the moderator
is not playing, but they control the game. The students play, but they don’t touch
the board. Instead, what they do, is they have to explain
what the meeples look like, what they’re wearing, um, and then, once they’ve explained
everything, they explain where to move the meeple. So, like move from yellow to green, or wherever
they’re moving. If they roll black then they’re killing
the meeple. Maybe require 3 different aspects of the person’s
appearance. Like, you know the girl with the brown hair,
it’s long, and there’s like a pink flower in her hair. Now obviously I’m talking about the hula
dancer. If your students don’t know how to describe
people yet, just keep it simple, you know, practice colors or fingerspelling. You can still have the controller, the moderator,
um, but maybe they’re saying like move the rock star from red to blue and you’re keeping
it that simple. If you want to play with the whole class and
you’re controlling the game, you could use your whiteboard and draw the board on the
whiteboard. You know, draw the different colored rooms. If you have a whiteboard, um, that you could
use magnets on, then take your meeples, the characters in the game, and use the back of
them to hot glue magnets on the back. And then you could stick them on the whiteboard
and move them around as you need. So the students are telling you the information,
you know, what do you wanna do? And then maybe they’re like uhh, you know,
I want them to move here, blah blah blah. The person looks like this, blah blah blah. So they’re telling you that information. I mean honestly you could play with up to
20 people, it would make the game a little different. And the whiteboard might be hard to see, but
it’s possible. If you have any questions or comments leave
them below in the comments section and I will respond. Or even if you have any suggestions about
the game, leave them below. Thanks for watching! See you next time. Bye bye! If you enjoyed watching, click subscribe (the logo) and share the link! Bye!

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