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Corporate Communication: Units 1 to 3 Introduction – Business Administration 210

Now let’s talk about the first 3 units of
this course. And how their content and themes tie together. [Before you begin a unit, just a
reminder you should always read the learning In Unit 1, you are going to learn about the communication process And how your traits and the traits of your audience can influence that process. It’s important while going through this course to remember 3 main concepts The communication process, the messages that represent communication,
and the audiences that are targeted by communication. First, it is important that you
understand the communication process If you do not understand this process, you
may be unable to anticipate factors that can block effective communication. By understanding the communication process,
you will be able to analyze a situation and control or compensate for factors you’ll
know can result in poor communication. It is also important that you learn
how to present the message that is central to your communication. And that’s what unit 2 is all about. Examining the relationship between language,
messages and communication. You will learn that there are three types
of messages: primary, secondary and auxiliary. These distinctions are based on whether the
message was communicated intentionally or unintentionally. You’ll also learn about the five parts of
a message: the attention statement, the introduction, the body, the conclusion and residual messages. An effective communicator knows
what options are available to them So that they can choose best option based on
the business context. By the end of this course, you will be able to do just that. Unit 3 is all about audiences,
the people you want to influence with your message You will learn that your own personal traits and the traits of your audience are very important You will also learn what perception is and
how it can effect the way your audience receives your message. The key point in Unit 3 is that
you must know your audience so that you can tailor messages to suit their needs and expectations. As an effective communicator you’ll want
researchyour audience to ensure that your message reaches them,
is understood, and produces the desired response. This all may seem fairly abstract right now But as you work though this course you will build the knowledge and confidence to make you an effective business communicator. Good Luck!

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