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Completed request from dictionary

welcome back to I am Paul and I’d like to show you the last video I did was about requested words you can go to the dictionary or your students can go to the dictionary and request words that we will fill and put on the website and then you’ll be notified once they are filled and so if you remember right I did two words I did electricity which I spelled wrong and coffee I spell that word wrong too on purpose okay because a lot of times the students will misspell the words and that we actually have them in our 16,000 plus dictionary and so I want to show you what that what it looks like after we do the the words and so once the words are completed by us if you misspell them or we add them to the dictionary you will be notified how will you be notified actually right here that says completed request two words and just check that periodically to see if we have updated your words or end the ED in your words to the website and we do that quite a bit and so if you click on completed requests and you will see we have coffee and electricity now it doesn’t change the spelling it leaves a spelling how the student or yourself spelled it but I can click on this and we have coffee and here’s the sign for coffee and what’s really cool I’m just gonna throw this in here is that you actually slow that down and see exactly how is that signed okay which is a wonderful feature so all the words that you request or your students request are always saved on your dashboard under requested words and they never go away a wonderful feature because at many times will request a word that we forget maybe the next day or two days later what we actually requested and we don’t want to do that we want we want to help you guys out we want to make sure that you’re learning what you request is important to you it’s important to us all right thanks for listening

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