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Compassionate Communication

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  • Another amazing video! I follow these all the time and use these tips in my day day interactions and it just plain works.
    Not to drag in politics here, but I recall Ronald Reagan being touted as one of the great communicators of our generation. Did you ever look back into how he communicated and some of the stories of how he made it work? Thanks for posting!

  • 1. Its not what you say, how you say it.
    2. Listen with compassion
    3. Respond with compassion

    I am ready to work my way up with these 3 tips. Thanks

  • I believe empathy is the most important skill we need to learn. If we have empathy and use it consistently, we become a better person and people appreciate who we are far more because we show we care about them.

  • Thank you coach… but there are some people who repeat their complaints many times, how can we deal with them in a good way?

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