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So in the morning, just bring
the laptop out to the vehicle. We just plug it in
and then we log in. So at the moment we’ve got an
8-12 appointment this morning. We get provided with our own
vehicle, drill, bits and pieces. We’ve got some spare phones. We
carry all our safety gear as well. Different test equipment
so we’ve got meters. We basically carry everything
we might need for the day. My name’s Tammy. I’m a
Telstra cable technician. I did a 9-month traineeship
through Skilled Group. They offer in-classroom training
and on-the-job training. And now basically I’ve got my own
vehicle and we just work independently throughout the day to complete
the jobs for the customer. The customer’s having an issue
with their fax machine. They’re unable to send or
receive faxes at the moment. So we just need to have a chat to the
customer and find out what’s going on. Hello. My name’s Tammy and I’m calling from
Telstra in Perth. How are you doing today? I’ve just picked up the job to come
and take a look at the line for you. I just want to confirm with you
what sort of issues we’re having. So we’re just having some trouble sending
and receiving faxes. Is that correct? OK. All right. It sounds like that could be
something to do with the issue. But that’s OK. We can come out and have a look at it for
you and just sort of see what’s going on.. OK. Thanks very much. Bye. I haven’t received a fax. That’s not unusual.
I’m might or might not have but… OK. Everything’s plugged in correctly and
it’s all up and running so it looks OK. Yeah, we’ve just got a diversion tone.
Yes, so we’ve got normal dial tone again.
And the diversion’s off. So are you getting sort
of any error message like or does it just say unable
to send or something? It just comes up ‘please ring Telstra’.
OK. That’s all it said. Then
gave me the number. Just wondering if you can give me
some details on a customer service. Well, basically, what’s happened
is the customer’s had… Before this I actually
worked in retail, so there was a bit of computer work just
doing up rosters and you know keeping track of money and all that sort of stuff so there
was a bit of computer stuff involved. Just had sort of As and
Bs when I finished high school, so it was just a
standard sort of thing. Obviously if you have any IT sort of background
or anything like that, then that obviously helps you to advance a bit quicker or you’ll
probably pick up the skills a bit quicker. But yeah… Welcome to Telstra.
Tammy speaking. OK. Sounds better. One page sent. Beautiful.
OK. Great. All right. Beautiful. Thank
you very much. Not a problem. The National Broadband Network
which is the NBN is coming through at the moment and that’s where
they’re installing optic fibre. It’s going to be from the exchange at
this point to the customer’s premises. So that’s going to make all
the copper cabling obsolete. Am, Optic fibre obviously provides a lot faster
services and better services than what the copper can and basically means that we shouldn’t
really have to be doing any work on it. Once optic fibre is in
place, there’s very little chance of it going faulty
or anything going wrong. So it’s more of a… I guess an assured
service as well, because we’re not expecting or anticipating any
problems with it once it goes in. Welcome to Telstra. Tammy speaking.
Yep. And his number is? So I just got a call
from our head office. Amm..One of our other techs actually
needs an assist to do some cabling. There’s no lead-in cable or any cable inside
the building in place as far as he’s told me, so I thought I’d go and have a look at what
he’s doing and give him a hand to run some cabling and hopefully we can put a socket
on and get the customer up and running. So you reckon the easiest way is we
just dig and put the pipe into there? So, as far as we can gather at the
moment, they’ve put some pipe in but they haven’t actually connected it
to the pipe coming out of our pit, so when we’ve put the rods down, it’s
actually going under the driveway now. So if we were going to connect it
how they’d originally done it, we’d have to actually
remove the pavers in the driveway and that’s going
to be quite a big issue. So it might be easier for us if we can
dig a trench from here to the wall, we’ll just install a pipe in here and just
finish installing what needs to be done. The challenge in this job is obviously
being outdoors in the weather conditions. So in summer it gets quite hot and
obviously in winter we’ve got to deal with the storms and rain where we can’t do
a lot of work while that’s happening. It’s quite physical, so the further you go out,
you know, towards the bushland, it becomes a lot harder to find the cable pits. It’s
in different locations and stuff like that. I’m learning new systems at the
moment, different bits and pieces but ideally I would like
to move into more sort of complex roles and just
learn more skills as we go so there is a lot of opportunity
to up-skill and there’s different areas within the Telstra company
you can actually work in so, you know, if you change –
if you don’t want to be working on the actual network, there’s
stuff like network integrity. There’s the people in head office
so you can do that sort of stuff. It just depends on what
you’re interested in. Now I am noticing something wrong here
where it’s disconnected at the back. I just want to test the line to the
customer’s house and just sort of see if there is any faults in the
line and what’s actually going on. That doesn’t look too bad. I’ll
just have a look at the rest of it. So I’ll just press test on there and we’ll
just sort of see what results we’re getting. So we’ve got the line open here at the
moment so this will test from the exchange to where the line’s open here. It’ll just
give us an idea if there’s any issues. At the moment the dial tone is
working here and clear here, so we might have to go to the
house and just see if anyone’s home and just check out what’s
going on there as well so… So I’ve just checked the line at the
wall box at the side of the house. Now we’ve got a clear
dial tone there, so that generally indicates
there could be a problem with the customer’s internal
cabling inside the building or it could be that the switched
legs back at the cabinet was the issue that was cutting off the
dial tone and we’ve fixed that up. So what we’ll do is we’ll
give the customer a few more minutes to see if
they’re going to come home. If they’re still not available
we actually leave a card in the letterbox just to say what time
we attended and what we found. If they’re still having a problem, they can
book an appointment when someone can be home and we can come out and
have a look inside the house and just find out
what’s going on for them. So that’s the next step.

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