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Communication Tips: How to Start a Conversation

Nobody likes uncomfortable moments. It
just feels uncomfortable. So when you are trying to start a conversation there is presumably this gap that you’re
trying to fill. so my advice is to have a few tricks in
your back pocket that you can automatically default to, to
immediately break that uncomfortable silence and ignite a really interesting
conversation. So let’s take for example you’re in a new environment where a lot
of strangers are coming together and when you walk into the space maybe
you’re naturally gravitate towards an individual maybe because you like what they’re
wearing or you just somehow seem drawn to them. What are the techniques I love to do is
really genuinely acknowledge something that you
find interesting about them. It could be commenting on a button
they’re wearing or shoes that they have on or maybe the way they styled her hair who
knows or or a jacket that the one who knows but it’s something that is inspired on
on them that you can spark the conversation
and you’re having a shared experience because they’re
they’re wearing it or their embodying it and your acknowledging it. Now
the second thing that I like to do is take the idea of a shared experience
to the environment itself. You both in the same place maybe there
is a statement that you can knowledge about what’s happening in
the room or the people or how excited you are to hear
such-and-such speaker. There’s something that you can connect to that is a shared experience and thirdly I’m always intrigued by the question of: so what brought you here today. I want to know why. I love knowing why people do the things that they do, even
if it’s why did they come to that event. You would be amazed at the stories that
you hear and the opening that’s created. So if you wanna
start an interesting conversation have a
couple of sparks of topics that you can bring to the
table that immediately sets people at ease. Now
with all of these examples one thing is for certain. Your energy is
going to attract that energy to you. So if you’re showing up in an event and
you’re feeling confident. You’re feeling warm and you have the ability to just open
yourself up to the people around you that also helps you start a conversation, because you’re basically wearing a
billboard that says yes I wanna meet you. Yes I wanna talk to you. So with that energy in mind have three things that you can have in your back
pocket to bring up as conversation starters and believe me you will
never want for anyone to talk to.

7 Replies to “Communication Tips: How to Start a Conversation”

  • I don't like the question "So what brought you here today?" It sounds so formal and comes across as an interrogation rather then friendly chit chat in my opinion. I'd rather start out saying with a smile "So, hows it going?" Or maybe its because I'm a chill guy:P

  • Ah, it's good to be a chill guy! I like your suggestion. Yes, I'm not a fan of interrogation, so I think it truly depends on your delivery. : ) Stay cool and thanks for your comment!

  • Hi Alexa, one word people say to me more than any other is pardon? Then the following line, what did you say? and; can you speak up please. You talk through your beard. I don't have a beard mind never have had. So I'm watching your videos. Previously I believed that was way I was born surely I'm to old to change, I always mumble and often sound "stupid". That was what my first girlfriend used to say to me. And one before last, would say I was an Eeejit!  Neither of them lasted more than 3 month if that. And the last one almost 2 weeks. But she does want to see me again as friends. But I have always been pretty good at making people laugh. So far I have learned from you that eye contact, and articulation is important. I have tried many times reading aloud but I didn't learn to read until my late 20s so not too good at that. I'm now age 55 my picture with cat taken in about 2012

  • You seem like a professional business woman yourself. I really like your suggestions and I also enjoy learning from you.

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