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Communication Skills Training: How to Disagree: Top 10 Power Phrases and Danger Phrases #5 | Free

Communication training with Dan O’Connor Hi everybody this is Dan O’Connor with Dan O’Connor trading bringing you the top 10 danger phrases
of 2016 and today’s danger phrase is I disagree disagree I think I
remember that when you say to somebody I disagree it creates a negative hostile
biochemical environment in the person’s body will you do to you we talked before
about how everything we say to somebody everything we communicate even if it’s
not verbally could be biting or it could be non-verbal communication everything
we do create a biochemical response in the person with whom were community and
it’s important to know what words and phrases you may be using that are
inadvertently creating a hostile environment in the person with whom
you’re communicating because that close the lines of communication and whether
people know it or not people who watch you communicate especially those who you
may want to give you da man wrote a promotion or raise or something like
that when they are you communicating like a savvy polished professional they
want to start paying you more accordingly right so many of us are
frustrated in our jobs because we don’t think we’re getting the respect of the
money that we deserve change worth it changes the entire world because
remember when you change your verbal patterns it changes your thought
patterns when you change your thought patterns it changes the way you see the
world and when you change the ways of the world it changes the way the world
video everything changes when you start changing your worth and something you
can do right now today is to purge the phrase I disagree because imagine
somebody says to you well I understand what you’re saying I just disagree those are fightin words right here or
people might have gone to a seminar read a book that told them to say well I
respectfully disagree and those are fightin words or one of the worst
phrases people can you as well let’s just agree to disagree shall we call on
those are totally fighting words any one of those is going to create a negative
biochemical response if you however talk about the way you get your perspective
it changes the entire message watch John I can understand what you see it that
way I completely differently but go ahead tell me more or Johnny understand
why you might see it that way I simply have a different perspective but Mr this
is interesting or John I can understand why they would be your perspective I
think we have a different one when you talk about your perspective that now is
objective when you talk about whether you agree or not with somebody’s back
that is not objective at least in their mind and create a hostile environment
closing the lines of communication and damaging your success so whether or not
people who are watching you know what you’re doing or know the specific word
that you’re there purging or adding to your repertoire our emerging from her
adding to your repertoire they will know that you do not communicate like other
people therefore you don’t deserve to get paid as other people get paid you
deserve to get the salary the recognition the jobs the prestige of its
Abby polished communicator so start using that one phrase and you will see
differences also make sure to join me in my online
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the next danger phrase trading

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