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Communication Skills – Deep Conversations

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  • You know the best way to bond with friends? Smoke weed together…. Yes, Im serious, weed truly gives you a different perspective on life, what "Money" is… the universe.."Time"? I could go on, But everything in moderation. Drugs could give you delusional thoughts, therefore its important to have breaks and incorperate what you have learnt through these experiences into your everyday life. I feel like my communication skills have drastically improved since. I actually feel like I have become smarter from it.

  • Hey. Your videos are quite interesting and useful. They are short and to the point and provide all relevant detail. I want to know if this video authoring tool is your own or have you used someone else's services. If it is your tool, would like to know if there is any subscription model for the same. Else, could you share which vendor you have used? Thanks!

  • I have realised my communicational skills have suffered really badly over the years but obviously realising when it was all a bit late. Finding your page has helped me start to turn it around. I have a clear direction now. I am listening to your points and I am now starting to apply them. Thank you!

  • This video reminds of the important fact that surface conversations are the building blocks to deep conversations.

    I was weak at social skills. I used to talk to people with deep conversations all the time and it keeps people away.

    Thank you for making the world a better place.

  • I always get people tell me that I like having deep conversations and I actually really do all the things mentioned here. I need to learn how to have casual conversations, any tips?

  • Let the record show though that he gettin us in our feelings you really second my thoughts a lot preciate it xans I been feeling better about myself because of these videos

  • Thanks you, your videos are really informative and anyone can tell you have put a lot of research into making these videos thanks for being generous and showing concern towards people by sharing your knowledge

  • I find that a huge mental block forms in my brain that I can’t think of something interesting to raise & start a conversation about. Unless it’s something I need to communicate, like in a work environment where u have to tell others what to do, or performing handover info, I’m quite often lost for words.

  • Awesome videos, some skills like skill to communicate to people and making friends have ability to change the way of life.

  • Hi, is there a possibility to get the drawings in your videos as large posters? I'd love to buy them to support you and help me stay on track!!

  • Emotions don't tell people who you are either, they tell people what you feel.

    And you say superficial stuff isn't important, but educated and informed opinions make people change their minds, and feelings. There are more options than appeals to other peoples emotions to change your feelings.

  • These videos are really great im trying to work on this and become a better version of my self but can you make a video explaining how to start conversations my closest friends are people who have approached me and wanted to be my friend i struggle with talking to others because i assume that people wont like me at first and its hard for me to start conversations for fear of being unwanted

  • How to have deeper conversations:

    1. Seek Emotions. Be vulnerable and share your true feelings and opinions.

    2. Prompt deeper questions to others. "Have you ever felt this way before?" The other person will share something deep too. Become very present and listen carefully. Keep eye contact for 80% meditation helps to stay focused and present in the moment.

    3. Relation to others. Bring up similar stories. What are the emotions? Start with surface questions. Eg, ambitions…funny moments…

    4. Practice and compliments! 🙂

  • I love your concepts and they are powerful. But you seriously need more ups and downs in your voice man. You sound way too monotonous. No offense by the way.

  • Great job on this channal!
    I just miss referances or some recomidation for what to read if wanting to learn more, or your sources? =)
    Keep up the awesome work!

  • u forgot to add to respect and to not laugh if the person is sensitive about what they saying. respect comes first and also keeping it private.

  • Seriously don’t know what I’d do without improvement pill literally watch all the videos like 5 times until I have them down.

  • In order to have a deep conversation, 3 things need to happen:

    – You must first build rapport, begin with shallow conversation and humor. To get the loop started, someone has to be willing to share first. To do this reach deep down and express your true feelings and opinions about things, avoid facts and share emotion (Start with positive emotions first).

    – Ask the other person about themselves. Listen, be present and at the end ask them to elaborate.

    – Relate. Share an experience of when you felt the same way as they did in the shared scenario.

    As the conversation flows you can naturally move the conversation towards vulnerability, these conversations are the most appreciated.

  • Used for building quality relationships.
    Build rapport. Start with shallow topics,positive vibes, and humor.

    Avoid Facts. Seek Emotions.

    1. Sharing emotions/emotional events/feelings. You will vulnerable.
    2. Listen. Ask questions to help them elaborate. Be present like you are watching a move and let them do 90% percent of the talking.
    3. Identify the emotion they were expressing and relate to it.

  • Amigo tu canal es grandioso.. lamentablemente solo logro entender los que tienen subtítulos en español… porfabor podrías poner este video en español?

  • the fact is that other people care more about themselves … so just lure him to talk at length … ask a little and get more results

  • R:Did you hear about last night fight between J and K,i laughed almost 1 hour after it ended.
    A:I have social anxiety.I dont have emotions.

  • When I was just hitting my teens I was confident and wasn’t insecure I was out there and didn’t care what other people think. Ever since I started high school I feel like I’ve become a different person, sorta confident but extremely insecure, I used to have lots of friends who I called brothers now I only have a few friends none that I can call brothers. I don’t know how to talk to girls cause i get shy around them and where I live it feels like all the girls are attracted to the boys who still play rugby help me please anyone I wanna be the old me but idk how🤦🏿‍♀️

  • I met this guy in the marines on Roblox and we had a 2 hour conversation. I like him, don’t think of that wrong, I’m not gay. Idiot.

  • The reason why I clicked onto this video is because I’m tired of engaging in superficial talk that I don’t gain anything from. I’m not intellectually stimulated or I don’t learn anything from them, I can’t express myself either. It’s honestly hard to find someone who’s willingly to ask and answer open ended questions these days.

  • PLEASE!!! make an Improvement Pill School where everybody who needs help in every aspect of their lives are available to enroll. ASAP!!!

  • Thank you for this video! I just wanted to point out that you are mispronouncing rapport… you don't say the t at the end. It's basically said like rah poor.

  • Man I have been searching this, I really appreciate for helping me learn more about communication skills,
    I always felt like a dusbag when I talk with a person I like, but didn't know how to start an conversation, I always ask a question that were everybody who I like, just don't like talking to me,
    But this have help me a lot

  • Almost 80-90% of my statements are about anxiety or depression, I feel so depressing; thanks for making these, I feel constantly lonely as an extrovert and it hurts a lot, you’ve helped so much in the little things I can do to self-improve without it being too out of the realm of possibility with a disorder

  • Hi there!
    Thanks for providing such interesting videos.
    I would like to hear what are your thoughts about this topic.
    In the book “48 laws of power” by Robert Greene the author is displaying deceptive behavior being related to power and respect.
    How does this relate to what we are talking about here?
    Are being liked and being respected by people two different things that cannot coexist?

  • Oh my gosh… Thank you
    I think because i was too focusing in facts and too many asking question people dont enjoy having conversation with me 🙁

  • Such great information – things we should learn in school! But alas here we are. Also, your handwriting is impeccable!

  • isn't this channel kinda like cheating? like, don't get me wrong this channel is great it's just I always come here when I feel like I can't do it myself, which kinda feels like giving up.

  • I always want the other person to connect in this way but often they only give vague answers. I have not much problem with others but only this one other person. Is it because he is a guy? I am not a guy.

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