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Communication Secrets of the Left Eye | Rodney White | TEDxLSCTomball

Translator: neil li
Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, How many of you have already decided? You’re wondering, decided what? Well, they tell us that we have
between three and ten seconds before people make up their mind
whether they like us, or not. I used to think on that,
how is that possible ? I read an article recently
that indicated that our eyes can take in 7.3 gigabytes
of information per second. 7.3 gigs per second.
Let me put that in perspective: I have a laptop,
it’s got 821 gigabytes of space left. In a matter of seconds, you folks would crash my laptop, and it really would make me mad! The eyes are such powerful instruments. Let me ask you question: how many of you agree that
eye contact during the communication is extremely important? Raise your hand! Practically everybody. Now how many of you know
the proper way to make eye contact? Raise you hand. Nobody raised their hand!
Ah, there’s three! Two, three! It’s amazing that I get that same
response whenever I ask that question. Here is the deal, today you are in luck. I’m going to share with you the proper
way to make eye contact and I hope from the moment
you leave this room, until… well forever,
that you always use this technique. You always look your listener
or the speaker, when you must make eye contact, you look at them into their left eye. What? Look at them through their left eye. Now I didn’t make this up, It’s backed by a philosophy. It’s backed by science and medicine. And it’s backed by practical application. Philosophy: a gentleman named
Roger Sperry opined that when you have an aneurism
on the right side of your brain, you are going to have your left side
of your body affected, you have a stroke. And it’s not as common but if you have an aneurism
on the left side of your brain, the right side of your body is affected. Now I misspoke,
this is the medical part of it. But the gentleman Roger Sperry
opine that our right hemisphere tells our left brain
or left eye what to see. Our right brain tells
our left eye what to see. So more medical or science
to back up the left eye logic is that if you talk to your local optometrist
or ophtamologist, they gonna tell you that your left-eye lens
has nerves that cross over and go into your right brain. So your nerve endings to your left eye are connected to your right brain. The philosopher tells you
that your right brain tells your left eye what to see. What’s all that mean? The reason that this is important
is we spend most of our time trying to convince someone
to do something: either we’re in sales,
and we’re trying to make a sale; we are parents, we try to convince
children to do the right thing; we are husband and wife
and we’re trying to convince our spouse that we should take this vacation. The secret to getting to ‘yes’
is by looking them in the left eye when you make that eye contact. We’re odd! Scientifically,
philosophically, okay! It was time for me to put it
to practical use. So even when I came out here – it’s kind of dark but I can see you – I looked on left side of your face because I knew I was gonna ask you how many you have decided I knew you were gonna make up your minds whether you liked me or not, so I had to hedge my bet. What I want to make sure is that everyone of you really get this: when I began to practically
look at people in their left eye, something else happened
that I didn’t intend: I could see the pupils of the person
I was speaking to. Why is that important?
Because physiologically, if your pupils dilate when
someone is speaking to you or when you’re speaking to someone else, that means that person
is interested in what’s being said. However if the pupils constrict
and they look like the top of a pin, that person has no time for you,
they’re not interested they can’t wait for you to stop talking. In the sales world, we called
those people pushy salespeople. How many of you love pushy salespeople? No one! And… somebody raised
their hand in the back. What happens when we get pushy salesperson and they’re not paying attention
to the signs? But if they were looking at eyes,
and watched the pupils, they’d understand that a constricted pupil
says, “We need more information”. And what I typically will do is say, “listen! I can tell that you still have
something that’s bothering you. Let’s talk about it.” And then hopefully you’ll tell me and I could literally overcome
that particular objection and watch the pupils grow. And as the pupils grow,
I’ll know it’s now time for me to say, “What is it that you want to do next?”
and you’ll close the sale. Left-eye contact. Let’s do this, really quick, I want you turn
to the person next to you, I want you to look them in the left eye,
introduce yourself to them but you must look at in the left eye,
let’s do it really quick. OK, raise your hand
if you thought that was weird. (Laughter) Here’s the deal, it feels weird at first
because you’re wondering things like “Can they tell
that I’m looking at their left eye?” or it just feels weird to you
when you’re trying to do it? Trust me!
They can’t tell, there’s no difference! It’s just eye contact,
but I have to tell you something, there are two other occasions
where the left eye logic won’t work: when it is dark in the room,
our pupils dilate (Laughter) and also if you’re on drugs,
you’re pupils will dilate. So all things being equal,
if you’re in a sales environment, you have some light and you’ll be able to tell
if that person is truly interested. I am at a disadvantage here
because… I got it! Two minutes! Can I have a volunteer? because I am not quit sure
that you are sold on this left eye logic and I need to make sure
that everybody understands. Have you met me before today?
No? Just few minutes ago. Will you do something for me?
Extend your left arm. Now I am gonna ask you question. Actually, I’m gonna give you a command. No matter what I do, I will not be able
to push your left arm down. But I need you say that for me
with conviction. And don’t let me to push
your left arm down. Say it. Man: No matter what you do,
you can’t push my left arm down. RW: Now you heard when he introduced me, I work out a lot. (Laughter) Man: I’ve been too! So I put pressure on your arm. (Laughter)
(Applause) OK, this time, same thing, no matter what, you’re not
going to let me push it down. Tell me that with conviction, and mean it. Man: no matter what you do,
you cannot push my left arm down. Why do you feel that way? (Laughter) Thank you very much! Man: Good job! So what you’ve just witnessed is that when I asked him
the original question, he put that arm up there, he is in his right brain,
he’s been creating his emotional center, he is invested, his left brain
cannot make decisions. His left brain only knows
analytics and numbers. So when I paused
and I asked him that question, his left brain kicked in and I was able to get past his right brain and push his arm down. The left-eye logic works. I’m just going to leave you with this: all of you have been left-eyed today (Laughter) And the only thing that I ask is that you go out and left-eye others. Thank you! (Applause)

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