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How To Learn Sign Language

Communication Sciences and Disorders

CST is the field of study that includes
speech language pathology and audiology. It stands for Communication Science
Disorders. In our field, we oftentimes will work with individuals with
communication impairments. Day-to-day living, communication is a necessity
regardless of who you are what you are doing. So being able to give individuals
who have deficits in communication the tools and skills necessary to
communicate is something that I’m truly passionate about. I think one of the
things that really makes the Augustana program, Communication Sciences and
Disorders stand out is that we have an excellent clinic on campus and our
students get some very good supervised clinical experience in treating
communication disorders and in hearing disorders. Ideology also. As an
undergraduate student, we get the opportunity to work in the clinic which
is really beneficial experience part in going to graduate school. I think that our major
in CST is a very exciting one. It’s something that you can certainly use in
a variety of fields of study: medical settings as well as working with
children in pediatrics or maybe in the schools. So there’s a lot of
opportunities for students here. Our department specifically has an
outstanding faculty and staff. I cannot speak higher of my professors and
professional faculty that we have. They are always there willing to help and
support you not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well.

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