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Communication is key for ANCOR’s Direct Support Professional of the Year for Minnesota

with a love for direct care and
assistive technology to help people communicate the service coordinator Lisa
Riley with MSS is the 2019 Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the year for
Minnesota. I was initially struck by how person-centered MSS is when it comes to
accommodating people’s dreams that go beyond academics and kind of
translate into a full of complete life so that was that was really exciting for
me you know I’m happy to be able to do that being person-centered means
treating someone the way you would want to be treated and thinking about that
person and their needs and desires like like I treat my own needs and desires
She finds joy and inspiration in participant Dan Stallsworth, who uses
assistive technology to share his needs and preferences. How do we facilitate
communication for her for people who don’t use the same tools that we do to to ask for things? This is my friend Dan and
we’ve worked together it was about four years in January yeah that’s really
important to me is to listen to the person and and give them a way of
communicating first does that mean Jimmy – you’re like coming here to see Jimmy? There’s some tension the works not done
you know it’s it’s it’s great and I know and I don’t want it I don’t want I don’t
want that to stop you know when his communication device
is working he will he’ll send me an email once or twice a week
just different things this is the hardest job I’ve ever had
and I’ve raised three boys harder this is way harder yeah I want I want
bigger things I want bigger things for people

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