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{Cyrus Shahabi/USC Viterbi}Everybody these days requires data for whatever task they’re doing. Whether they are in entertainment industry. Whether
they are in finance. Whether they are business, even attorneys, health. This new
degree that we’re working on the first one is this communication informatics, is
where we think that finally we are getting there, to the point that we want to teach
computation and data to non-computer scientists. That’s a very obvious choice
as a start because you see how communication and media and journalism
has changed the past several years, going from the traditional media of being
passive and offered by either newspapers and magazines and TV, to more interactive
using social media, websites, blogs and so on. I think it’s very important for
whoever works in this area in this market, to have the computation and data
literacy at the same time have the communication and media and expertise in
that area as well. That’s the goal of the communication informatics. It takes
its input from both sides. So, the idea that you either get computer science
folks and then teach them communication and media or take the communication
media students and then teach them information technology, data management, analytics, visualization, privacy, security and so forth. {Michael Cody/USC Annenberg} We can provide engineering students with background theories and research in social psychology and communication. Literally, any project involving communication theories/principles with a signal that can be recorded or measured, can be used in a program to improve some sort of processing, applications, some sort of app. We can actually do projects with Google and Facebook on increasing empathy, likability. Journalism
and Communication students wanting to work in new industries. People who want to be consultants can work with engineers and come up with a program and apply it. {Cyrus} From the
Communication side they want to be able to penetrate into the job market that is
actually more digital, more consistently aligned with the future of journalism. This will provide them with that skill set. I think people like
that would be hired by CNN and other media companies in a blink because they
already have all the data knowledge and they understand the application side.

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