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Communication Exercises – Positive Gossip #15

In this exercise the team will form pairs of three. The exercise is suitable to use at the end of a workshop training or any other activity the group has done together. In this exercise the team will positively gossip about each other. Two of the three persons will positively gossip about the other about what they think he did well during the day or what they generally liked about him. One for example states that he was such a great listener. the other continues the positive gossiping with a sentence that starts with: Yes, and … For example: Yes, and he had great concentration and he was very emphatic towards everyone else throughout the training. The person the gossip is about listens carefully and tries to remember what is being said about him. It’s important that the gossipers are sincere about what they’re saying. Now the roles switch and the gossipers will talk positively about what they liked about the other person during the day or activity. Or otherwise what they liked about him in general. The listener tries to remember as much as possible. After every couple of minutes of gossipping the roles switch again. The roles switch and now there will be positively gossiped about the last person from the three. Encourage the gossipers to gossip more than just one or two positive remarks. Also the last person that is being gossiped about remembers as much as he can. When the pairs are done gossipping the whole group will form a circle and everyone starts sharing what positive gossip was said about him. Everyone shares this way positive traits about himself without sounding arrogant. This exercise is especially effective for groups that tend to negatively gossip a lot. You can encourage the group to keep positively gossipping about each other even when the training is over so that an uplifting and positive group feeling will be kept in tact. The trainer guides the team and brings variations to the exercise. What kind of variations you can rean below this video on youtube. And please subscribe to our channel to see a new teamexercise each sunday on to improve cooperation and communication.

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