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How To Learn Sign Language

Communicating with Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

Hey whats up? Today I’m going to talk about
how to communicate to a deaf person. You should understand that not all deaf people can read
lip, and not all can sign. If you talk face to face, you can understand better. You can
write to communicate. If that deaf person can’t under what you say, you can write or
text, its communication. Body language is really important, when you do any sort of
movement with your hand or facial expression, it help the deaf person to understand what you are trying to say. Other thing you should is how to talk normal.
Hooow aare yoouu dooing. Talking too slow weird us out. How are you doing. Too fast
slow down, I can’t understand you. Just say how are you doing. There, that how you do
it. Other thing you should know is how to face
a deaf person, especially in meeting. Blah blah blah blah, that is not helping. If you
want a deaf person to understand you, make sure you face forward, make sure a deaf person
can be able to read your lip. You know…What wrong with hearing people trying to face wherever
they want to, you know… here or here, make sure your mouth is direct, so you can read
my lip and still understand my body language, and facial expression. Even if I’m talking
to them, I’m letting you know what I’m saying. So you can understand that not all deaf person
like to be touch, like this tap tap, heeeyy. Tap nicely only to the people you really know,
just go nice and wave and say hey I want to talk to you. Don’t talk to anyone that you
don’t know, sometime you can say excuse me, but hey don’t go close to your face, I’m not
blind, I’m hard of hearing, that not cool. Other thing you should know is about the introduction.
If you want to talk to a deaf person, and you want to introduce yourself, you should
sign, Hi, my name is… spell out… My name is Kati, K A T I, Sign name Kati, Then the
other person would say, Nice to meet you, this is nice, this is meet, and this is you. Never stomp at the deaf person. It make the
deaf person to think something wrong with you or that you have bad attitude. Just be
like nice and be polite, be respectful, for we have boundaries. So you can understand
that communicating with deaf people can take some work, some patience. Being impatience
is not going to work, not going to help. Communication is important, lipread can be hard, but not
easy thing to do. There are many words that look the same, for example, mat, pat, bat,
watt, what, (whispering)… they look the same. Communication with deaf person may take
some patience, be ready for some confusion. Be ready to be open mind, and say oh that’s
ok and clear it out. We come from all different background, different cultures, we speak languages
differently, you know. Communication to the deaf people need to be like, connected, sometime
communication can be mess up, but understand that communication can be solved. Just keep
on going and be connected. Peace!

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  • Sarah Larsen's daughter, Gretchen!: I love this video too! Most of it I already knew from just plain common sense, but most people don't know anything about communicating with deaf people!! I found it very informative and very cool!

  • Great video, but it's not captioned. Can you please add captions and also speaker identifications and sound descriptions? Auto captions are not of acceptable quality. Thanks!

  • Nicely done, I have quite a few regulars at my work that are deaf and this has inspired me to learn more. Most of the time we just write to each other to get our points across but actually signing would be so much friendlier 🙂

  • Its my first time to put out caption, thanks for tip, check the update, and let me know if it came out better 🙂

  • Thanks so much for uploading this clip!!! It not only helps express our embarrassed behaviors in our daily lives for averaged people but also realize how's our lives look like. Again thanks.

  • Kati you have done a great video . It is really educational. Unfortunately, normally hearing people usually do not try to talk the way us (hoh) want. Because we are in minoriy. Especially at work place. We need to adapt 🙂

  • Hi, Kati, Yea, I'm totally unds u soo clearly becuz I use readin' the lips w small asl, So, I'm always unds whacha u means it becuz I'm Hoh and Oral person. But I've still difficulties unds communication with full deaf person isn't not good asl but they're never use a reads the lips so they're uses only two hands w theirs eyes on the hands than the lips. Some of difference asl 4 theirs own signs dat make me more difficulties unds it becuz they're can't reads the oral EVER. I've friend's w all hearings peoples more than deaf becuz I raised all my life w oral myself can communication 4 all hearings peoples than deaf community. When I went visited w deaf community and I've seen theirs 100% full hands signs and No lips likely SHUT the mouths and they're make me confusin' lots becuz too difficulty communication w theirs can't reads my own lips. Craziest!

  • Hi, Katie, I'm here of this my two accounts in my YouTube, Becuz of they're reason Google's joined into my accounts adds it. They're only separated it. They're not a messed or lost of my folds but Google acct is just STARTS new fold and other one is already full it. =)

  • This video explains the last couple years of my life whether it be working around loud machinery or demolition work it ruined my hearing, and yet it seems to be a minor problem for me it's a much larger problem for the people around me. People will be calling my name or saying something across the room and I won't know it will make it will make them mad. Even people that know me will forget I'm hard of hearing.

  • Great video!  I'm HOH and always encountering problems with hearing folks.  I love that video with the group conversation.  I'm much better on one on one than group convos.  Signing is usually better for a large gathering for me.  Again great video! 🙂

  • hey are you deaf too? 🙂 
    im not deaf but i would love to learn sign language and have friends who are deaf because i would like to be friends with different types of people 🙂 🙂 and learn how to communicate differently 🙂  

  • My biggest pet peeve as a h.o.h. person is when someone talks away from me and I ask to repeat what they said and tell me that they'll tell me later. ;(

  • This certainly happens quite a bit with me. I'm glad to have the hearing I do have, but I still miss things – unintentionally of course.

  • Well said, I totally agree with you how to communicate with a deaf person by using face to face. Thanks to help the hearing people understand.

  • Men that can hear barely understand what hot women say when they are talking because of "distractions". HOW THE HELL do deaf men do it? HOW!!?!?!?!? muco respect….also, your video was helpful, thanks 🙂 xo

  • yes kati i can understand you pretty well. i am proud of you cause you can talk. you are a real good talker. from brazil, andrew

  • hello! your video was very informative. but for the future, if you haven't been doing so already (bc this video is over a year old), please caption your videos. it makes it way easier for hoh / deaf people to understand!

  • Yeah,I am deaf and aware of the hearing culture myself.  I was told that the hearing people are so stupid for not understand about the deaf culture.  I agreed with what he said in somewhat…..sigh.  No hearing people can understand what the deaf life is like at all.   They never experience being deaf in their lives period!

  •   I am deaf .  I have problem too .  peoples hearing communication hard able for understand or not patient with  deaf or hearing of hard  .they are not respect or patient at all .  I understand it is hard to communication with hearing peoples read lips not easy at all . I wish, they will for hearing peoples learn sign language with same time when you talk . Jesus know that how I feel . 

  • I am Deaf. I notice a lot of hearing shy for talk to me. Not sure if thinking communication barrier or maybe because not used to talk to Deaf so more uneasy, but what notice is most hearing not understand only difference is can't hear. Not mean can't read, text, write, mime even for talk. Make me lonely in social group. Feel like girl in example, because get brushed off same as her a lot too.

  • As a hearing person it makes me very frustrated to know that other hearing people are such crap to your community. I lived 21 years without realizing it was happening and now that I know its infuriating. I really want to learn ASL but as I don't want to learn wrong I am saving for formal classes. I really appreciate this video. It gives a lot of insight. Im trying to learn about the culture best I can before the classes and there aren't nearly as many issues with communicating as hearing people think. All we need to do is a few things to help make it easier. Thank you for posting such an awesome and informative video.

  • This video was absolutely fantastic. I'm working on a television show and we are in discussion about a character who we may write as deaf or HoH. In case we cast a deaf person instead of an actor playing deaf, I'm wondering if you or anyone reading this may have any helpful advice to make sure that I can communicate effectively, get my artistic direction across clearly, with as little confusion as possible and of course without being rude.:-) Again, wonderful video!

  • I'm Hard of Hearing wear a Hearing Aids it is hard to understand people trying to hear what they said and to be able to understand them it is not easy for me even used sign or for me to able to try to understand not easy just wish I can understand more but sometime can't for me only way is for me is texting on my phone or on the computers that way I can understand

  • I have a american and i try to say hi and then she said i don't talk to stranger is so hard to find good american

  • Excellent video! In regards to lipreading, roughly 20% can be understood by lipreading alone. This is why people shouldn't always rely on one way to communicate.

  • From watching your video I learn many sign language and i like to say thanks for being yourself

  • My greatgrandpa from WWII was hard hearing. we were always shouting at home. One someone calls the police because of domestic violence, but it was just my grandpa and us chatting.
    Grandpa: WHATS FOR DINNER!!!!
    Me: SOUP!!!
    Me: HERE!!!
    G: THANK YOU!!!

  • omg! I know what that first part of the vid feels like because I'm hard of hearing and I read peoples lips, I have 70% hearing loss in my left ear and 40% in my right and when people arent facing me when the talk i miss most of the conversation cause i cant read their lips and i can barely hear, my family sometimes yells at me just to tell me dinner is ready and such like that. I was born deaf and at 9 months of age i began hear little bits, I have hearing aids but i hate using them it makes me feel like I have to depend on something just to get by….I can hear even if it is a little…..but still I think its funny because people who talk to me dont even know I'm hard of hearing and when i speak you can't tell because I've gone through speech threapy, so when I tell them they always look shocked and it makes me laugh

  • I'm hard of hearing and I hate being touched yet people constantly touch to get my attention . Thanks for bringing that up .

  • 0:40 the closed captions is wrong YouTube, she actually say in this part "it helps the deaf person understand what they say"

  • I am hard of hearing thanks for the video I uploded a video called dear,hearing people plz watch it thannnkkksss

  • I get told that all of the time. "Never mind or I'll tell you later". When?? It is so frustrating to me as I started losing my hearing when my kids were a little younger. Why? You may ask. I don't know and the doctors don't either. I have taken multiple hearing tests and MRI's. They say that there is no answer as to why I am losing my hearing. I have lost all of my high pitch. I can't hear birds anymore, timers on the oven, house alarms, and the list goes on. I have trouble with understanding speech as well. Now it has effected the work place as I have been very frustrated not being able to hear properly on the phone. I have been harassed at work for not being able to hear speech properly and made fun of at work. I have been excluded from conversations at work that were work related and changes being made in the workplace and I needed to hear this conversation. I was looked at by my supervisor when this particular conversation was occurring and she said, "You can't hear anyway so….:. ". What is that?? All of a sudden I am becoming invisible to people all together in and out of the workplace. I am physically and mentally capable of working. Unfortunately, I had to quit that job. Now, more of a challenge begins. Where can I work now? I have even looked into working from home but I'm sure a lot of you know how that is. There are so many bogus jobs working from home. Can someone help me by giving some suggestions? I have managed to get a degree and am going back to school. People seem to mix hearing impairment with being stupid also.

  • I'd like to add that when a hard of hearing person asks to repeat, then please repeat. We hate asking to repeat, too. We're not perfect. We tend to miss things here and there, but that's the flaw of hearing loss. If you don't repeat, then we won't know.

  • It must be so loly and frustrating 4, the deaf people just brushing them off and saying o nothing a. The time

  • see why loss of hearing person read the lip?
    the mind tells lossing of hearing is recognizing the words.
    an example
    an apple is directing loss of hearing person to lost some sense..
    wrong information an apple or happen the lip is different.
    cabbage or cab the lip is confusing loss of hearing person
    the feeling how the loss of hearing person doubt cabbage or cab the loss of hearing feel right or wrong , either.
    the loss of hearing person reads the note, say oh
    hearing person who writes the note ..cabbage means a soft mositure leave look like kale it is different.
    🚖is a taxi it is maybe a little vehicle or a cab 🚕 is a small vechicle it look like a buggy car.
    a word is important it helps loss of hearing to read the note.
    the lip is difficult ( not easy).
    hearing aid receive each blurry word how loss of hearing wear ?
    true or false

  • Brooke needs to learn sing American language. h.o.h person likes to feel comfort or uncomfortably like a choice

  • Hello my dear friends this is Jon eventually getting my hearing aids soon got save money eventually I will have them would it be awesome if you guys be my friend too.
    Thanks 🙏 everyone

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