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Communicating Strategically | PurdueX on edX | Course About Video

DR. BART COLLINS: Welcome to
Communicating Strategically. I’m Dr. Bart Collins,
with the Brian Lamb School of Communication
at Purdue University. DR. MELANIE MORGAN:
I’m Dr Melanie Morgan, also a professor at the Brian Lamb
School of Communication at Purdue. DR. BART COLLINS: This EdX
course is a five-week course on concepts related to
communicating strategically, primarily in presentational context. It’s targeted to working
professionals in industry, often who have a science or
technical background. Perhaps you’ve had some sort
of communication training in the past, a college course
in public speaking or something. But it’s been a long
time, and you’re finding you need to use those skills in
your day-to-day professional life. If so, some of these concepts
are going to be a review. For some of you, some
of these concepts may be new or a fresh perspective
on some of those ideas. Either way, we hope this
five-week course provides you with some solid ideas that you can
quickly implement in your own work as communicators working in industry. DR. MELANIE MORGAN: If you
find this information useful, and you want a little more detail,
please visit our other courses at Purdue NExT. We offer Communicating Complex
Information and Presenting Persuasive Information, which provides
more hands-on experience, where you can get some individualized
feedback on your speaking abilities.

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