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Common English Autumn Idioms | #englishidioms #learnenglish

hi and welcome back to love English I’m
Leila and today I want to share 10 idioms with you 10 very common English
idioms but they are connected to autumn the language that they use is rather
autumnal in meaning leaves nuts trees these kinds of words are being included
in these idioms now despite the fact that they are rather autumnal it does
not mean that they are restricted to being used in only the autumn months
these idioms are commonly used at all times of the year so they are going to
be exceptionally useful now in the northern hemisphere at the moment we are
definitely in the middle of autumn I’m wearing a nice warm woolly jumper today
and there is definitely a chill in the air now for me I actually kind of liked
the autumn in fact my birthday is in October so I have an autumn birthday
I love the changing of the seasons I like going from summer to autumn autumn
to winter and definitely winter to spring so comment below and let me know
what is your favourite season of the year
do you like the changing of the seasons or do you just prefer lots of Sun and
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right let’s get started number one a very common idiom I
probably use it at least once a week and I’m sure many people use it about me to
drive somebody nuts means to make them crazy to annoy them
to irritate them to the point that they feel a bit crazy the kids were running
around the house all day they were driving me nuts can you turn
the music down it is driving me nuts now in English we do have a lot of idioms to
talk about making someone feel a bit crazy
you can drive someone bonkers drive someone crazy drive someone mad we often
use the verb drive with these expressions I suppose you’re taking them
to the point of madness they are expressions it doesn’t mean that they’re
actually crazy but again be careful how you use them you probably wouldn’t want
to say to your teacher you’re driving me nuts maybe your friend’s number two on
the same theme of nuts is to be nuts or to go nuts about something or actually
someone essentially it means you really really really like them or it she’s nuts
about that boy band One Direction I don’t know why my friend seems to be
totally nuts about her I think you really likes her number three an idiom
relating to leaves the plural of leaf leaf leaves now of course we have lots
of leaves in the autumn they’re falling to the ground they look rather beautiful
with the different kind of browns and maroon colors but we have a lot of
idioms that use the word leaf or leaves in them to turn over a new leaf to turn
over a new leaf to start from the beginning to start anew to reform or to
refresh something so after we would use this expression to refer to a criminal’s
someone that’s had a bad lifestyle up until that point he turned over a new
leaf and got a good honest job he gave up his life of crime or to quit smoking
she quit smoking and turned over a new leaf
she had a much healthier lifestyle now to be shaking like a leaf imagine the
wind rustling a leaf and it’s shaking the wind to be shaking like a leaf
essentially means that you are shaking it could be from fear or even the cold
you might say to somebody oh you’re shaking like a leaf come here
I’ll get you a warm blanket or a hot cup of tea but to be shaking like a leaf
means to be shivering to be cold or fearful and have that physical reaction
of shaking number five a great idiom and really some wise advice to save for a
rainy day now in the UK we probably wouldn’t have
the opportunity to do this because most days are raining but when we refer to
saving for a rainy day we mean that we’re saving something often money for a
time when there’s a difficult situation when you might need it
so for example I make sure that I’ve got some savings put to one side money just
in case I need it for a rainy day now it doesn’t have to be money it can be an
object for example I bought the children again but I’m gonna save it for a rainy
day when they’re really really bored and need entertaining so what might you save
it for a rainy day for a time when there’s an emergency and you need
something saved now unfortunately in the autumn we do tend to get a little bit
unwell you can get sick get the flu have a cold because the weather is changing
and our bodies need to adapt and there’s usually lots of germs going around but
when you say I’m feeling a bit under the weather it means that you’re feeling a
little bit unwell if you say I’m really under the weather
obviously you’re very sick but it’s a great expression that we commonly use in
English to say that you are feeling unwell sorry I didn’t come to school
today I was feeling a bit under the weather
number seven is a little bit more advanced there’s a deeper meaning to
this idiomatic expression you can’t see the wood for the trees you can’t see the
wood for the trees meaning that you can’t grasp the bigger picture the main
issue because you’re too focused on the smaller details and maybe too close to
the situation so that you can’t take a step back and really see what’s
happening she was so focused on the small problems in her marriage she
didn’t see the big one she couldn’t see the wood for the trees
he was so focused on the small details of the business worrying about how much
they were spending on paper or what time the workers were getting in he couldn’t
see the wood for the trees and see that the business was not doing well because
it wasn’t bringing in enough money in English a wood is actually a small area
of trees not a forest but slightly smaller and of course if you’re inside
that wood then you obviously can only see the trees and you can’t see the
actual wood itself so it really is an idiom that you can make some sense off
number eight the autumn years the autumn years referring to somebody later in
life someone a little bit older he retired at 65 because he wanted to enjoy
his autumn years my simple one there number nine to get wind of something
wind obviously trees blowing we had a very windy day the other day but to get
wind of something means to hear something hear a rumor about someone so
it might not necessarily be true but you hear something from somebody and you
think it might be she got wind that they might be making some redundancies in the
office she got wind that he might be breaking up with her she was definitely
not happy and number 10 to be barking up the wrong tree this is a great
expression and again I am leaving you with a more advanced expression to be
barking up the wrong tree means that you’ve got the wrong idea to bark is the
sound that a dog makes that’s right and to be barking up the wrong tree means
that that you have got the wrong idea about something that you’ve made a false
incorrect assumption when I called her into the office she thought I was going
to fire her she was completely barking up the wrong tree
she was actually called in for a promotion when she saw him with another
woman she thought he was cheating but in fact it was his sister
she was totally barking up the wrong tree so there we have it 10 amazing
autumn idioms that are used throughout the year these are common idioms you’ll
notice that I did in fact leave out it’s raining cats and dogs
now this is probably one of the first idioms you have learnt but in fact it’s
not that commonly these ten items that I have shared with you are much more
commonly used in the English language of course you can say it’s raining cats and
dogs but there’s actually lots more expressions for that and if you would
like to learn more vocabulary about weather we’ve got plenty of those for
you and of course a lot of idioms lessons so comment below and try and use
some of these expressions in English I’ll check them and correct them for you
thanks for watching bye

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