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How To Learn Sign Language

Come Join The Viral Social Media Movement!

In India there are many Deaf children. Most of the Deaf children find it difficult to communicate. If they want to study in Sign Language, it is not available. There are many problems and Deaf children suffer a lot due to the lack of Sign Language. In India there are many Deaf children. But none of the schools teach in Sign Language. There are so many Deaf schools in India but all the education is through oralism. The teachers themselves do not know Sign Language. They all teach through oralism. We need to change this and create awareness about the importance of Sign Language. Now creating awareness has become very easy because of the power of Social Media. Do you want to know how? #SignLanguageinSchools #IndianSignLanguageinSchools These hashtags are very important and you can share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Here have a look. Did you see the pictures. You all can click pictures using your own creativity. But you all must hold a placard with the two hashtags. Share these pictures on social media platforms and use the hashtag as it is very important. Why is this important? These hashtags will create awareness among governments, hearing parents, teachers, schools, etc. about the importance of Sign Language Education in schools. Lets make it viral to create awareness. My name is Rohit and this is my sign name. I am Deaf and I have Usher’s Syndrome. How did I come to be such a skilled editor? Earlier I had gone to a hearing instructor to learn However he would keep talking to me and I did not understand anything which is why I left. I was very interested in Editing and all hearing people excelled. I then went home and researched on the internet when I found complete tutorials on YouTube. I worked hard and learnt everything. Thats how I learnt everything and acquired my skills. I was very happy but what about the other children in India. How will they learn? This is why I want oral education to switch to sign language as it is better. I want you all to use the hashtag. Did you see the video? You all can use your creativity and record short videos about your experiences in school. Sign Language in schools is very important. When it becomes viral it will it will create awareness. So do share your experiences. Remember to keep the video under thirty seconds. Hey! Huh? Anyway! Hey my sign.. Huh? My sign… Did you see them pushing my hand down? Sign Language is language you were born with so continue using it. Schools and Colleges must provide Sign Language. When Sign Language is provided the person becomes independent to learn and progress. Just like my video you all can record a video using your creativity such as breaking free from tied hands or resisting the opression of hand. Create anything. Then share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and make it viral. Use the two hashtags. #IndianSignLanguageinSchools and #SignLanguageinSchools Oh my! There are so many posts about the lack of Sign Language education You all should also record videos and share pictures! Oh you don’t want to do that? Ok! No Problem! The other alternative is a written post. You can write about your own experiences regarding the lack of sign language education. For example not being able to understand the matter in school due to oralism. Or not understanding the spoken news. Write and share any of your experiences. After you finish writing use the #SignLanguageinSchools #IndianSignLanguageinSchools Share it on Facebook, Instagram and make it viral. Most importantly share on Twitter because it can be seen by many Indian politicians. If schools switch to Sign Language education then Deaf students will not face any problem. Deaf students can easily learn and progress.

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