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CMN 10V – Introduction to Communication – Laramie Taylor – UCD

[MUSIC PLAYING] Communication is a central
feature of almost every aspect of human life. It informs most of our
learning as children, shapes our social
and working lives, and even makes up
most of what we choose to do with our leisure time. Hi, I’m Laramie Taylor,
Associate Professor in the Department of
Communication at US Davis. In Introduction
to Communication, you’ll have the chance to
explore human communication in all its complexity. First, you’ll develop
mastery of a set of concepts that underscore the scientific
study of human communication, such as a grasp on what
communication is and isn’t and how communication
is studied. Next, you’ll be taken on a
virtual tour of the discipline of communication. Communication, after all,
takes on many different forms. It can be non-verbal. It can be person to person,
or it can be from one person to millions. In Introduction
to Communication, you’ll be introduced to each of
these domains of communication by researchers who
specialize in each area. The course is organized
around lessons, each of which is led by one topic area expert. Within that lesson, there
are instructional videos, online readings,
and short quizzes to make sure you’re
staying on track. Each week, you’ll also
engage with other students and the instructor through
online activities designed to help you engage the
content more deeply and practice applying it to
the kinds of communication challenges you might
face in the real world. Because the course
is online, you’ll be able to work at home
and on your own time. I hope you’ll take
this course, and start to explore the breadth
of human communication. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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