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How To Learn Sign Language

Classroom Management Tricks of the Trade: Sign Language

>>Teacher: Guys, I know– just
take a deep breath, you guys. Just give us a few minutes, okay? Justin, could you stop please? Okay. Ladies and gentlemen..>>Narrator: Having trouble
managing your classroom? Here are some of our
favorite tricks of the trade.>>Filipe: Are you going to play? Okay.>>Narrator: Kindergarten teacher,
Filipe Lara, uses sign language to answer individual questions
while maintaining focus on the class lesson.>>Felipe: Well when
they ask me a question, then I’ll either answer
“Yes,” or “No.” It helps me figure out–
it’s less interruptive. And then if I see a kid in
the back and I go like this and he only sees me, then no one else
is going to ask me to have a drink of water or go to the bathroom because they don’t
know what he asked. So when they ask, it’s
less interruptive, and there’s no break
in the instruction. So that’s– all my kids know
to give me a sign language when they have a question, or
if I’m working with an adult, or if they want water, or to go to
the bathroom, so that’s what that is.>>Narrator: Share one of your tricks
with fellow teachers on Edutopia.

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