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How To Learn Sign Language

Class 5 – Baby Sign Language Works

>>Bruce: Do you remember the first taught sign to her?>>Rachel: Yeah, it was “more.” It took her a few times. You know, she was like “what is she doing?” And I’d sign more and then I would give her some more of something. Then I would take her little hands and help her sign it, and then I would reinforce it. When she got it, oh, she was so excited.>>And he gets his balance and he’s like…. And I was like “you want more blueberries Cruze?” And he’s like… And then he saw that I was excited, so he did it some more, and then he fell down. So I gave him more, and I was so excited. And I was like “you did more, you did more.”>>The first sign that he did was “dog.”>>Then he started going like this, and I was like… “Is he doing milk?” He was 4 and 1/2 months old.>>We jumped for joy. We were so excited, and then it was just a snowball effect right after that. Sign after sign.>>As soon as you see the first sign, you know that it’s working.>>Rachel: Now it’s time to learn some signs. Slide 2 fingers over your other 2 like a train going down a track. Let’s see you sign “train.” You reach up and pull the cable to ding for the next stop. Can you sign “bus?” Make fists and its just like you’re pedaling a bike with your hands, round and round. Let’s sign “bike.” Take your thumb, pointer, and pinky, make an airplane with your hand, and fly it through the sky. Let’s see your sign for “airplane.” Just put your hands together like this in the shape of a boat floating through the water. Sign “boat.” It’s like you’re holding a ball and padding ball. Ball. Now you try. Bend your pointer finger and slide it down your nose, like a little doll’s nose. Doll. Your turn. Cross your arms and scratch your shoulders with your bear claws. Bear. Can you sign “bear?”>>Rachel Sings: Here I go, I’m on a train. Look at me, I’m on a train. Here it comes down the track. You’re standing clear and I’m waving back. Chuga, chuga, choo, choo. All aboard. Here I go. Wheels going round or with wings. If it goes it’s my favorite thing. Wheels going round or with wings. If it goes it’s my favorite thing.

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